sounds from heart

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thank you for this track, is just perfect!
Comment please,
Peace and love


May 11 2015 01:42:39
FishinmissioFishinmissio You have mail here!

May 11 2015 00:27:38
mpointonmpointon Performed beautifully. Considering it was recorded on a phone, it sounds pretty good to me, consmupa!

May 10 2015 23:35:54
mulambomulambo great add, consmupa! beautiful melodies and a nice mood, very good!

May 10 2015 23:11:41
TofzegritTofzegrit Beautiful lines and feeling and agree about your recording I could imagine if it was optimal :)

May 10 2015 22:39:26
jmrukkersjmrukkers Well played, nice laid-back feel.

May 10 2015 22:23:44
@FreshFunk@FreshFunk very cool - I am with Marceys, played beautiful, the sound should be improved.

May 10 2015 22:18:08
ShiShi lovely bluesy rhythm section line up here Tof, mpointon, marceys and mulambo and a sweet sax sound there consmupa

May 10 2015 22:17:42
MarceysMarceys I think you've played very nice consmupa! Sensitive lines with a good timing! How do you record? I think your sound could be improved, what kind of mic do you use?
+2 May 10 2015 22:24:18 Marceysconsmupa
I record with my mobile phone... How should i do it?
May 10 2015 22:27:35 MarceysMarceys
Ah that explains it! Do you use the mic of the phone? You could improve greatly if you record with a good mic. But you will need a budget for that ofcourse!
May 10 2015 22:30:16 Marceysconsmupa
what mic do you advice me?
May 10 2015 22:34:28 MarceysMarceys
best thing for you to do is inform about that by the other sax players on WikiLoops here!
May 10 2015 23:21:44 Marceys@FreshFunk
for good result he need a condenser microphone
May 11 2015 19:34:27 Marceysconsmupa
I have an akg condenser mic, but i havent interface :( is it very expensive?
May 11 2015 19:48:09 MarceysMarceys
Here you find some:
May 10 2015 22:12:32
AKchenAKchen awesome, enjoy it a lot ...
+1 May 10 2015 22:14:05 AKchenconsmupa
tank you akchen, it seems a lot for me.
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