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A remake of a template i uploaded some time ago, this time w/ the added pleasure of Wade adding his sopranino to it .. in my living room !! How cool is THAT !? So, the cool parts are his & the rest is my bass growling best i can ! Please include him in your comments.. ;) A ton of fun, hope you enjoy it !!


1st of all a big thank you for all your kind comments !
As always i really appreciate you taking the time to listen AND comment, the generosity of our community never ceases to amaze me - i'm all chuffed up inside.. ;)
2nd my sincerest apologies for only acknowledging your comments now but thing is we went up north to Lisbon for a few days to show them around, listen to some real fado, etc… & it was just not feasible to access my beloved Wikiloops & check what was up ! I'm sure you'll understand & will forgive me..
But hey, now we're back & i intend to get back on the saddle… w/ a vengeance !!
A big hello to all & it feels GREAT to be back : damn, do i hate big cities or what !? & as if that wasn't enough, no Wikiloops ? Damn… :D
Big thumb here!+1
May 17 2015 17:21:21
nuno1959 Plz read my above comment.. ;) +0
Way cool guys !!+1
May 17 2015 17:21:34
nuno1959 Plz read my above comment.. ;) +0
nice jam work together :)+1
May 17 2015 17:21:46
nuno1959 Plz read my above comment.. ;) +0
Very cool !!+1
May 17 2015 17:21:55
nuno1959 Plz read my above comment.. ;) +1
May 17 2015 17:47:50
MajorTom_III Heck I'm so far behind on listening to new songs I'll never catch up. I keep fearing I'll miss something awesome too. +1
May 17 2015 17:57:44
nuno1959 Exactly the same here.. :( +1
Nuno and Wade AWESOME:)+1
May 17 2015 17:22:05
Lenny Cowler
nuno1959 Plz read my above comment.. ;) +0
Dream team. Love it, nuno! :)+1
May 17 2015 17:22:14
nuno1959 Plz read my above comment.. ;) +1
Nuno, that is Great. Had Wade visit you? This is sooo coool ‼️ Like the whole song, very fine collaboration 👍👍👍+1
May 17 2015 17:22:25
nuno1959 Plz read my above comment.. ;) +1
Yes - i am with franky! This one is realy great!!+1
May 17 2015 17:22:34
nuno1959 Plz read my above comment.. ;) +0
wonderful !! i can hear you guys had fun :D+1
May 17 2015 17:22:41
nuno1959 Plz read my above comment.. ;) +0

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