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Recorded on an old beat up Epiphone a friend found in the attic of a farm house. Still has a few songs left in it.


Very good !!:)+1
Glad he found it:) fantastic!+1
wonderful playing ! and actually i would say the acoustic sound is quite nice ! at least it has a bunch of character !! open D ?+1
May 14 2015 04:47:36
Acousticeg Yes , Open tunings are my favorite. One I use a lot is DADEAD +1
May 14 2015 05:02:08
Acousticeg It has some water damage. A bit of fine tuning of the bridge and truss rod adjustment, new strings and It does have a good sound. Even if it is ugly. lol! +1
May 14 2015 08:23:42
OliVBee i ALWAYS use my ears to judge a guitar ! if it sounds good then it's a nice guitar :) ... and if it looks good on top of that then it's like candy beautifully wrapped ;) +1
This is great. Really, really great. Reminds me of the music in one of my favourite PC games ever - Left For Dead 2.+1
You sure know how to make that guitar sing. Great playing :)+1
Appears that old Epi has found a new friend... excellent playing !!+1
Wow. Great template!+1
I like it a lot!+1
dadgummit you're so gooooood!+1
Thats so good!!+1

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