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An easy ballad progression. Anyone is more than welcome to join in !
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rock, ballad


Nice one, I like your ballads always !!!! Good work Psy !!!+1
May 13 2015 18:04:03
Psycho Thanks franky !! +0
Sweet! I like chorus effect when There is a little detuned like That.

Bravo mon Psy
May 13 2015 18:12:16
Psycho Thank you Tof... I use the tempered tuning method which as you know is the best compromise for all keys. In this piece it was not intentional to detune, but I found it worked :) +0
very good Psycho:)+1
May 13 2015 18:12:46
Lenny Cowler
Psycho Thank You Lenny !! +1
very nice+1
May 13 2015 18:14:38
Psycho Thanks paulus :) +1
dreamy and hypnotic - very delicious listen!+1
May 13 2015 18:14:59
Psycho Thanks glad you like it :) +0
very nice, Psycho. i agree with Anne.+1
May 13 2015 18:15:30
Psycho Thank you very much :) +0
I like your melodic things even better than the syko stuff. By the way, did you overload the input volume on purpose?+1
May 13 2015 23:12:49
Psycho Thanks TG, I've been concentrating on the mix more than anything lately. No, I didn't particularly like the overload sound. In a nutshell I over edited the thing. I might redo this altogether. What I really need to do is after creating something is wait a couple days a get a better feel for the piece. I hear it over and over and fool myself into liking it. +1
May 13 2015 23:22:34
KMstar I am the same way my friend, I hear something too many times in a row and my brain starts only hearing the parts I like. Really cool track anyway, I enjoyed it! +1
May 14 2015 00:33:09
TeeGee yeah I know what you mean,I think it happens to all of us :P +1
Very beautiful, Psycho!+1
May 13 2015 23:14:10
Psycho Thanks pk !! +0
This is real nice !+1
May 14 2015 03:50:28
Psycho Thank You Rob !! +0
very good :)+1
May 14 2015 13:02:18
Psycho Thanks abu !! +0
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