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Doubled soprano added, space left. What a pleasure for me!


Good combined action with the saxes Lutz! Cool solo too! Guitar and sax blending real cool!+2
Cool! Very nice mellow sound on your soprano(s). Making great progress with intonation on the little squeeker too! ;)+2
May 14 2015 13:03:29
Lutz Great to hear from the intonation master. +0
what a cool track :D !!! i very much appreciate that you have left room for more fun to join !! you obviousely have a live background ;)+2
Simply great, Lutz! :)+1
Such a nice Sax! VERY well done, Lutz! :)+1
Respects Monsieur Lutz !
déjà ici, ça claque mais alors avec la batterie de Martin et le piano de Marc... Tuerie Quartet
you two like peanut butter and jelly, not only delicious to the ears, but also have a rich flavor! this one is killer! swing it brothers!+1
How did I miss this? At your best and showing how it's done.+1
gorgeous playing!+1

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