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Friends my doctor says that I have to be some days with his arm immobilized, due to an injury that I have been dragging long... That is why I will take to show you some things that I had on the hard disk, somewhat abandoned.. .in a few days to regain the mobility of the arm....
Open to ideas of all instruments and voices, I'll upload my version with voice


I hope you feel better soon ivax - nice track there :)+1
Coom ya te he comentado alguna vez, mucha clase amigo!!! Espero que no sea nada serio y volvamos a disfrutar de tu guitarra pronto. Un abrazo!!+1
May 14 2015 22:21:16
ivax Gracias Guad,espero que no sea peor el remedio,llevo jodido un tiempo del antebrazo derecho,ni fisio ni puñetas,hoy me han dado un nuevo tratamiento de punción seca,en breve veré el resultado.menos mal que no es la izquierda +1
May 14 2015 22:32:53
Guadaña Pues esperemos que se pase pronto amigo. :) +1
hope your arm mends soon ivax !:)cool track m8!;)+1
May 14 2015 22:40:49
ivax Thanks friend Pico, soon I hope, everything returns to normal...m8 +0
Heal well!+1
May 14 2015 23:07:14
ivax Thanks dannyk +0
May 14 2015 23:15:18
ivax Thank you JM,If you have any ideas it would be great help +1
Nice track, and yes heal quickly :)+1
May 15 2015 00:05:50
ivax Thanks mate, will take to devote more time to the voice +1
May 15 2015 21:15:04
Lenny Cowler
ivax Thank you lenny +1
beautiful :)+1
May 15 2015 21:15:58
ivax very grateful Akch +1
Hope your arm is ok soon mate! But in the meantime you can do some singing!+1
May 15 2015 21:11:42
ivax Thanks TG, tomorrow I can now start to move it and try to make life normal... we will practice with the voice, that I have abandoned +0
Cool track, ivax! :)+1
May 16 2015 00:49:36
ivax Thanks PK +0

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