Halcyion Days (sung)

Remix step #2 (playing)
New Zealand


MorganLeFey31 jams Supporter
+ 16
The lyrics started off as a spoken word piece to a piano backing 3 or 4 years ago. It was a spoken piece cos my singing wasn't up to it. I don't actually think I do this wonderful piece of music justice singing it here either, its a long time between times I take my upper register out for an airing. I have gone back to speaking later on in the song for just a bar or two. Marc I love the piece, I am sure I can do better, its just not in my capabilities over the last few days. Thank you though for making it available. And thanks so much to any who take a listen it's always much appreciated


May 28 2017 22:38:23
The first time I hear a great Liesching tune and a wonderful singing add by MorganLeFey.

October 26 2015 17:24:50
It's certainly not "nothing" to be able to sing like that!
+0 October 30 2015 10:07:37 WanHu MorganLeFey
I do so appreciate you taking a listen, thank you
September 10 2015 21:44:54
Oh Morgan, I missed this wonderful song!
+0 September 10 2015 23:41:34 bleymehl MorganLeFey
No you didn't or I wouldn't have seen the comment. Thanks so much for listening
May 20 2015 15:56:09
You're too hard on yourself Morgan, you have a beautiful tone quality. Well done :)

May 18 2015 01:15:00
You have a beautiful voice:)
+0 May 18 2015 04:02:10 Wikimark MorganLeFey
You are incredibly kind. Sadly it's pretty average and needs to be way better to do justice to the amazing music to be found here. Thankyou so much for taking time to listen Mark
May 18 2015 04:04:08 Wikimark Wikimark
I think it's better then average in my opinion thanks for sharing on wikiloops
May 16 2015 05:11:17
'Halcyon'...A mythical bird said to breed at the time of the winter solstice in a nest floating on the sea and to have the power of calming the winds and waves...well, you are a song-bird of this mystical kind which calms my mind and soul while listening to you! And Marc perfectly complemented you as you perfectly complemented him! :)
+1 May 16 2015 08:21:52 Marianne MorganLeFey
More Marc than me, his music is divine. Thank you so much Marianne
May 16 2015 09:15:43 Marianne Marianne
May 15 2015 19:00:12
Wonderful singing Morgan :)
+1 May 15 2015 23:13:53 Psycho MorganLeFey
Thanks for taking a listen it's much appreciated
May 15 2015 16:02:51
Lenny CowlerLenny Cowler
Wow!!! Excellent:)
+1 May 15 2015 16:06:47 Lenny Cowler MorganLeFey
Thank you Lenny
May 15 2015 15:48:38
you sent me to the dictionary, Vicki - and now i, too, know what the title means. Marc's piano is so gorgeous, and your vocal brings out the wistfulness in the tune. you are VERY good at wistful, V! what i wouldn't give for the power you possess vocally. the spoken part was a good call. i think this is a brilliant partnering.
+1 May 15 2015 16:09:58 AnneCozean MorganLeFey
awww Anne it should have been brilliant...but pitch probs all over the place...just a bloody issue I am having at present. Voice is kinda lodged in the throat and not really letting down where I want it to be. But I am grateful you understand where I wanted to be with it any way xx
May 15 2015 14:42:18
I can hear the sweetness, that you missed. Very impressed, I am. Great vocals on the ingenious template of my brother. :)
+1 May 15 2015 16:11:53 pkliesch MorganLeFey
are you really brothers? wow. I still consider myself a newbie so I am a bit behind in the dynamics. I bet you share talent genetics ;-)
May 15 2015 17:22:28 pkliesch pkliesch
We are twins, although I'm far away from playin the piano in the awesome way he does . It seems genetics are Not the only factor:)

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