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Some Years ago, in my sound research, I've recorded a track in B.B. Style, with a calibrate sound very different from King's sound. 'Cause I think that so many guitarist are fascinated by the King as Me. I tried to give my personal interpretation of style with an improvisation linked to my sound on public backing track.


June 21 2016 04:45:12
francisco alfrancisco al bonita sequência

May 26 2015 12:17:05
TG_StratTG_Strat Nice playing Tello!

May 19 2015 16:52:12
LieschingLiesching Donatello, this is a great piece. Thanks for posting! Buona serata :)
+1 May 19 2015 17:54:38 LieschingIl Tello
Grazie Marc ;) Buonaserata ;) Glad to receive your Comment
May 15 2015 17:06:37
Anno_NymAnno_Nym Sono ignorante, non conosco the King.. ma la tua chitarra sta alla base come l'olio sta alla bruschetta;) Yeah! emozionante Tello..;)
+2 May 15 2015 17:19:21 Anno_NymIl Tello
Grazie Franz troppo buono
May 15 2015 16:14:00
sbisiosbisio Bel pezzo Tello...un grande tributo!!

May 15 2015 16:13:09
sbisiosbisio The King is still alive!He lives in our guitars!!
+1 May 15 2015 16:21:01 sbisioIl Tello
Magari... avessi un millessimo di capacità..
May 15 2015 16:23:30 sbisiosbisio
Non conta solo la capacità...conta anche la passione con cui si fanno le cose e tu ne hai da vendere!!
May 15 2015 16:01:25
Lenny CowlerLenny Cowler good:)

May 15 2015 15:58:15
AnneCozeanAnneCozean wow! very nice tribute to the man. you've got some beautifully bent notes happening. sweet mix - like that bass burbling through.
+1 May 15 2015 16:17:49 AnneCozeanIl Tello
Thanks Anne I've done this 'bout 4 or 5 years ago, yesterday today or tomorrow I'm just learning and discovering some news 'bout sound and recording. I am very attached to this improvisation because it was a good musical breakthrough and registration , listening today recognize errors of various kinds . It is a small souvenir for B.B.

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