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Added some vocals to this beautiful tune. Hope I didn't ruin it :) Lyrics
The wind is blowing it's cold outside. That's alright....That's alright.....

Cause you.... are here....with me.....your' to stay....
the seasons change and the leaves fall and the wind blows...that's're here now to stay....


September 06 2015 18:02:15
RelativityRelativity I missed this one and caught the remix, today. This is a beautiful song, Piper.
+1 October 04 2015 07:28:44 Relativitypiper
Thank you so much R. Sorry I didn't reply sooner!
July 11 2015 19:21:21
heliandrosheliandros Oh piper, as I said to PK, there are only a few musicians who can pluck my heartstrings (zu Tränen rühren) in a way moistening my eyecorners. You've done what I wished to do since I've heard this great Masterpiece, but I've had no heart - too great, too perfect to being disturbed by other notes - but as if! You made it so empathically, oh my dear, serious... need one more tissue, piper!
+1 October 04 2015 07:30:08 heliandrospiper
Thank you so much Heliandros. so sorry it took so long for a reply. I just saw your comment :)
May 16 2015 21:57:59
Pit BrettPit Brett :)
+1 May 18 2015 14:29:36 Pit Brettpiper
Thank you Pitt ;)
May 16 2015 14:39:54
LieschingLiesching Very nice vocals, piper! :) Thank you very much!
+1 May 16 2015 16:05:12 Lieschingpiper
Thank you for posting such a beautiful piece :)
May 15 2015 23:19:01
R1772R1772 No one else can add such sweet vocals to this beautiful piano piece than piper.Well done, a pleasure to listen.
+1 May 15 2015 23:21:21 R1772piper
Thank you R for listening, I really appreciate what you posted. I thought that I may have not given it enough, it's such a beautiful piece.
May 15 2015 21:45:48
pklieschpkliesch Very nice add, piper. Thank you :)
+1 May 15 2015 21:49:50 pklieschpiper
Thank you, It's a beautiful melody :)
May 15 2015 20:40:00
AKchenAKchen your voice fits so well ... awesome :)
+1 May 15 2015 20:42:01 AKchenpiper
Thank you so much :)
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