Drifted Away (Too Far Gone)

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I wanted to start a 2-3 part trade-off of solos for this fantastic template. Then I drifted to far from my original plan so this ISN'T that planned track. This, is this. BUT, I had fun even if it's rough. Enjoy?
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Mellow, Not Mellow


I like this bro!!
This is is nice and creative!!
May 16 2015 06:15:19
Haffast Thanks! Wanted to get some stress relief. Decided to record it. +1
That's not Haffast, it's Fullfast :) Great stuff man !!+1
May 16 2015 06:16:51
Haffast Thanks Psycho! Glad you liked it. I was trying to alternate between slow and fast, without get TOO sloppy (in theory). :) +1
very good mate:)+1
May 16 2015 06:19:16
Lenny Cowler
Haffast Thanks Lenny! You know what this song needs? Drums. Awesome drums.

If possible, with the drum only track too, because I see Dan's template getting some more use.

Hint hint
May 16 2015 06:33:21
Lenny Cowler
Lenny Cowler I know, maybe I'll try to add,
but first I have to finish things that I promised and planned. Later, if time- I can handle:)
May 16 2015 06:46:44
Lenny Cowler
Haffast As great of a job as you do, I bet you have enough work to last you for months and months - without anyone adding any new songs! :) +0
May 16 2015 07:15:41
Lenny Cowler
Lenny Cowler how to do it and give it always goes like hotcakes, maybe today or tomorrow :) +1
SUPER! Awesome!:o+1
May 16 2015 06:20:48
Haffast Thanks Ake! It was a fun track! Great template for several people to all play together on too. +0
Smoke those frets nice .D+1
May 17 2015 16:01:24
Haffast Haha! i willl keep trying as long as you pretend you don't hear the 1000 mistakes I make during it. :) +0
Sounds Awesome !+1
May 17 2015 16:02:10
Haffast Thank you, K! I'm glad you like it! +0
Is that mahogany burning ;). Beautiful play And tone :)+1
May 17 2015 16:03:27
Haffast Hahaha! I'll burn the mahogany when I realize I'm not as good as the stuff I try to play. Until then, I am in denial :)

May 17 2015 16:09:50
Haffast Thanks Cody! I'm really glad you like it! It's a little too sloppy somer places, but I guess they can't all be gems.

Except yours, apparently... :)
May 17 2015 16:11:18
Haffast Thanks! greatly appreciated! +0
This is EPIC!!!!!+1
August 21 2015 22:08:40
Haffast Thanks man! It was a blast to make! +0

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