No more a Roving

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Composed this a few days ago and did some vocal noodling too :) Room for solos at the beginning and at the end part.

Lyrics lent from Lord Byron:

So we'll go no more a roving
So late into the night,
Though the heart be still as loving,
And the moon be still as bright.

Though the night was made for loving,
And the day returns too soon,
Yet we'll go no more a roving

For the sword outwears its sheath,
And the soul wears out the breast,
And the heart ...


yessss a new song from you !!! :D awsome work man !+1
May 16 2015 15:57:14
Liesching Merci bien, mon ami! :) +1
May 16 2015 16:15:00
OliVBee vraiment de rien : c'est à chaque fois un plaisir renouvelé ;) +1
I can't believe it ! wo O o O ow+1
May 16 2015 16:08:55
Liesching Thanks, Monsieur Tof! :) +0
Beautiful composition Marc!:)...makes me think of someone!;)+1
May 16 2015 16:10:58
Liesching Thank you pico! :) Who do you think of? :) +1
May 16 2015 16:15:28
incivanpico My Turkish soulmate Inci! track Oh! Langenfeld lets you into some of what happened!...but its always nice to feel/visit that place inside!;)

Thank you Marc!;)
sehr schöne Komposition und wunderbarer Gesang Maestro! :) aber was ist mit Deinem Mikrofon?+1
May 16 2015 18:16:01
Pit Brett
Liesching Danke lieber Pit. Ist ein billiges 14€ Teil... :) Ich muss vielleicht mal in ein gutes Musikhaus gehen. :) +1
May 16 2015 21:21:25
Pit Brett
Pit Brett bald ist Weihnachten :) +1
May 17 2015 14:15:13
Pit Brett
Liesching Ja, es steht wirklich vor der Tür! :) +0
Such beautiful vocals. Fantastic !!+1
May 16 2015 18:17:33
Liesching Thank you Cody! :) +1
very good:)+1
May 16 2015 18:18:07
Lenny Cowler
Liesching Thanks Lenny! :) +1
Man!What a piece of music!!+1
May 17 2015 14:16:15
Liesching Grazie mille, sbisio! :) +0
Sehr schöner song. Wunderbar komponiert und gesungen, lieber Bruder :)+1
May 17 2015 14:16:50
Liesching Danke mein Lieber! Zum Abmischenmuss ich wirklich noch zu Dir in die Lehre gehen... Dein Neues ist ja perfekt! :) +1
Excellent... talent !!+1
May 17 2015 14:17:22
Liesching Thanks a lot, Psy! :) +0
what a fine piece of music this is....and lovely vocals lovely to listen to Marc :)+1
May 17 2015 14:21:09
Liesching Thank you so much, Lady :) Really happy you like it! +2

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