Widowers Hope

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Widowers Hope
(Werd ich Dich sehn?)

Und wenn die Nacht geht,
und der Tag beginnt
Bist Du das Erste was mir fehlt

Und wenn der Tag geht
und die Nacht beginnt
werd ich Dich im Traume sehn!

Werd ich Dich im Traume sehn?
Werd ich Dich im Traume sehn?

And when the night goes,
and the day begins
you're the one, who I miss

And when the day goes
And the night begins,
I will see you in my dream!

Will I see you in my Dream?
Will I see you in my Dream?

Em, Em, Bsus4, A/Bsus4 (6x)

G#/C#m, F#7
B, D#, G#m7, F/C#
F#/B, F#sus2, E, G , B


July 26 2015 05:01:42
KellsBellsKellsBells Running out of words to describe your musical beauty, Patrick. So I shall make one up....Superiffic! :D
+1 July 26 2015 17:06:27 KellsBellspkliesch
Thanksalotic, Kelly :)
July 17 2015 15:41:18
onewholeftonewholeft so beautiful PK you are becoming my favourite artist on here
+0 July 17 2015 17:40:05 onewholeftpkliesch
Thank you, Lairdy! You're one of MY favourites at the loops:)
July 08 2015 17:03:49
pklieschpkliesch Vielen Dank, lieber Heliandros. Ja ich finde auch, dass das alte Tonika, Subdominante, Dominante Rein-Raus-Spielchen irgendwann seinen Reiz verliert und eine frische Harmonie viel ausmacht. Danke Dir fürs exakte Zuhören! :)

July 08 2015 16:36:56
heliandrosheliandros Ich liebe ungewöhnliche Wandlungen im Akkordmuster. Du beherrscht das perfekt und singst noch dazu mit einer ideenreichen Lyrik und schöner Stimme. Und dazu alles großartig gespielt.
Ich verneige mich vor soviel Talent.

July 06 2015 01:11:58
Guitar75Guitar75 Very cool...and I thought you only played piano.
+0 July 10 2015 18:50:50 Guitar75Guitar75
Ahh...now I see the connection. I bet there was a lot of great music growing up in your house.
July 06 2015 20:27:50 Guitar75pkliesch
Thank you so much! :)Perhaps you mean my brother Marc (calls himself "Liesching")? :)
July 01 2015 13:41:42
MorganLeFeyMorganLeFey Part of me hopes you do not sing from experience. But if you do, then you are proof positive that even from immense grief flows beauty
+0 July 01 2015 18:40:11 MorganLeFeypkliesch
No, fortunately not my own experience. But I thank you for your sensitive comment!
June 29 2015 19:40:39
AnneCozeanAnneCozean ahhhhhhh - and aren't you wonderful here!? :) this sounds straight from your heart! the gently strong backing and your warm vocal with rich harmony really DO it for me - exquisite ending!
+0 June 29 2015 19:48:06 AnneCozeanpkliesch
Thank you so much, Anne, for your friendly words and your exact listening. I'm really glad you like it, 'cause I know you're an outstanding artist here at the loops:)
June 29 2015 20:10:27 AnneCozeanAnneCozean
thank you, Patrick - but doncha think we ALL have our outstanding moments? i happen to be one lucky parasitical singer - there is so much really excellent music in abundance here just ripe for plucking and singing to. i love this place! :)
June 29 2015 20:19:15 AnneCozeanpkliesch
You're right Anne. But at most I would say, you are a symbiotic singer. With a big givin' role:)
June 29 2015 20:20:40 AnneCozeanAnneCozean
OH! i DO like "symbiotic" so much better!!! i like your way of thinking, P - THANK you! :)
June 23 2015 18:20:05
akethesnakerakethesnaker Fine arrangement, playing, singing:)

May 23 2015 16:30:24
fannefanne Beautiful !!

May 23 2015 14:03:48
onewholeftonewholeft So good !


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