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a new power rock track


This is awesome.+1
Love it! That smooth part 0:38-0:54 could be a part of a ballad itself:)+1
Incredible Creator Of Instrumental Tracks!...Wow Buran! this is fantastic m8!;)+1
Absolutely Awesome song Buran !!! :)+1
AMAZING track!!! I think you might have just destroyed my mind with this - and that's before the solo (which i can't wait to hear!!!)

Killer! :)
Power Rock?? I think this is metal at its best!!
Amazing track buddy!!
So Sad :@

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We do value our community, the musical exchanges and our members fun.
Obviously, the former owner of this profile has been removed for violating the wikiloops code of conduct.
Not much to see here - better go on enjoying wikiloops now.
February 17 2020 21:52:21
Haffast I remember years ago that someone had commented with who ACTUALLY created his "amazing" tracks. I looked it up - they were right. Just trying to hunt down the original artist for this one though. I'd buy this! 😂 +0
I missed the sequence, great stuff Buran... wish I could give both thumbs :)+0
what a template!! this has got real juice!!!!!!+0
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