Slow growing Flowers

Remix step #5 (playing)


frankyguitar499 jams Supporter
+ 16
This one is so cool!!! Try to add bit background lead. Difficult, for me- but I love this very great work and hope really it is not destroy ....
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May 22 2015 20:07:58
mag deine Schrägheit, super ;)
+1 May 23 2015 12:15:22 AKchen frankyguitar
Danke Dir akchen 😎😎 schön dass es Dir gefällt
May 21 2015 17:41:29
very nice
+1 May 21 2015 19:21:07 paulus frankyguitar
Hey Paulus, Dankeschön! Ich liebe dieses kleine Ding.😎😎
May 20 2015 09:49:02
So nice guys
+1 May 21 2015 19:20:10 onewholeft frankyguitar
Lairdy, I appreciate always your comments. Thank you😎😎
May 20 2015 09:48:40
Super !
+1 May 21 2015 19:19:19 Uloisius frankyguitar
Dankeschön Uli, freut mich das es gefällt 😎😎
May 20 2015 01:35:57
cody trippcody tripp
+1 May 20 2015 06:23:37 cody tripp frankyguitar
Thanx Cody‼️
May 19 2015 23:29:37
Great background work franky !!
+1 May 20 2015 06:21:02 Psycho frankyguitar
Hello Psy, thank you! I appreciate your comments always. Nice if you hear my work😎😎
May 19 2015 22:23:24
I just listened to it, not sure what your part is, but hey - it does not matter. I just liked the song :D. Well done all of you!!!
+1 May 20 2015 06:19:01 TeeGee frankyguitar
Hey TG, on the right side, you hear my guitar.😎 Thank you for your nice comment😎
May 20 2015 10:28:23 TeeGee TeeGee
Ich habe eine gute Ausrede: Es war spät gestern und mir ist der Whiskey direkt in den Kopf gestiegen :P
May 20 2015 12:51:23 TeeGee frankyguitar
LOL, na dann Prost. Hauptsache er war gut‼️ Und nix 🚂 damit sondern 🚲 oder 🚀
May 19 2015 21:45:36
While the first shadows of the evening came down she moved sensuously against the light of the loft mirrored windows drenched by the sun of sunset preparing herself for a night of fire. this now is no longer a song is a film, a story, a dream. Thanks Franky for completing the work so well!
+1 May 20 2015 05:09:16 docnat frankyguitar
Thank you very, very much. You have a nice storybook for that song and I appreciate your words. It is a pleasure for me to Play with you guys😎😎
May 19 2015 21:29:46
Behind but there!
Sounds good to me my friend!
Bravo Franky

+1 May 20 2015 05:05:01 Tofzegrit frankyguitar
Good morning Tof, Hope you had a fine nightshift. Thank you very much, and for your nice words 😎😎
May 19 2015 20:58:58
I agree with mspointon. Discrete but great add franky, fills the song in a so good way. Good work my friend!!
+1 May 19 2015 21:02:30 Guadaña frankyguitar
David my friend, thank you for your warm words. I'm lucky you think so. :-)

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