Wade & Nuno Jam II

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Yup, another one live from down south !!
Wade laid this beautiful sopranino on top of an old bass line & i think it just sounds GREAT !!
It just adds a whole new dimension to it, it's so cool !
It's always such a thrill to be able to sit & play with other musicians, hope you enjoy as much listening as it was fun to play !! ;)


May 22 2015 20:05:59
+1 May 24 2015 05:41:28 AKchen nuno1959
Thank you AK ! ;)
May 22 2015 01:59:57
Good stuff...enjoyed!
+1 May 22 2015 11:57:56 Acousticeg nuno1959
Thanks a lot Ac, glad you did !
May 21 2015 03:15:41
I forgot to mention how jealous I am that you sat there jamming with Wade. I need money and a ticket to the Antipodes right now! Although your profile says you're Portuguese so I'm really confused!
+1 May 21 2015 03:36:37 mpointon nuno1959
Wade is a very rowdy airplane passenger ( Google it, you'll see.. it's world renowned ) so while on a flight en route to somewhere he managed to drive the crew so nuts, they actually put a parachute on him & dropped him near my neck of the woods !!
Just my luck, can you believe it ?? :D :D
Jokes aside, his wife & him were here for a few days so i showed them around some, we jammed a bit, had a few bottles of vinho tinto, took it easy… the hard life, you know ? ;)
Absolutely lovely cool people, the best..
May 20 2015 23:15:23
Pit BrettPit Brett
Great Duo!!
+1 May 21 2015 00:27:02 Pit Brett nuno1959
Good to know you had fun listening PB, thanks mate !
May 20 2015 20:30:12
Nuno, this is so well done. Always love wades sax playin. You mixed it so well in this beautiful bass template!
+1 May 21 2015 00:26:33 Liesching nuno1959
Thanks my friend, very appreciated & it was actually Wade who did the recording & the mixing and yes, it did come out pretty good !! ;)
May 20 2015 18:39:28
Great job you two my friends. É muito bom.
+1 May 21 2015 00:25:29 Guadaña nuno1959
Muchas gracias G, good to know you enjoyed it..
May 20 2015 17:11:04
It's so great, first i thought that i'm gonna record some bass for this one but than...too high ground for me (:
+1 May 21 2015 00:25:00 Orlandu nuno1959
Thanks Or but please do jump in, if i'm sounding half decent it's thanks to Wade's advice !! ;)
May 20 2015 13:17:40
cool beans :)
+1 May 21 2015 00:23:36 OliVBee nuno1959
Thanks OliV, very appreciated buddy ! ;)
May 20 2015 12:22:21
Cool nuno! I like the Mix a lot and your playin is perfect to Wade´s oriantal Sax :) very nice :)
+1 May 21 2015 00:22:35 adu nuno1959
Thanks Adu, this was actually Wade's Recording & mix using one of these Zoom recorders..
Nifty little gadget for sure !!
May 20 2015 09:22:19
+1 May 20 2015 10:41:08 onewholeft nuno1959
Thanks Lairdy, appreciated !

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