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This is a great collaboration between Wade and Nuno. I had so many approaches, including looking into Lebanese Dabke rhythms to provide some kind of backing. None of them worked and, as usual, the simplest approach seemed the most effective.

The drums are very straightforward: a simple half-time pattern acting as a counterpoint to Nuno's syncopation, picking it up a bit towards the end. I overdubbed the ride cymbal pattern for the verses. It originally played all the way through but it sounded clumsier on the louder sections so I cut it out. The ride cymbal idea stems from both my intent to get some kind of matching rhythm in plus was inspired a bit by Pink Floyd's 'Let There Be Light'.

Anyway, I hope you like and enjoy. HD download available as the mix could probably be better.


March 12 2017 15:25:17
Really super add :)

October 21 2015 18:17:54

May 21 2015 09:00:33
What a drum sound! And very cool playing=)
+1 May 22 2015 03:59:39 SlonMusic mpointon
Thank you, Steve. You've been party to my joining here and the evolution of my recorded sound. For you to say it's a good sound makes me a happy man! :) Thank you.
May 21 2015 01:00:40
Arabic vibeZ!...AoOoW/eah!..uuumm sexy stuff fellas!. Awesome nuno Bass Monster!:D....you syc'd it MP!:D....THUMBS BoyZ!;)
+2 May 21 2015 02:28:12 incivanpico mpointon
Is there something wrong with your keyboard? ;) ;)
May 21 2015 02:33:39 incivanpico incivanpico
? nope!...okay translated...nuno is awesome and you did a great drum add!....Happy!;0
May 21 2015 02:35:11 incivanpico mpointon
LOL! Sorry, sarcasm failure on my part! :|
May 21 2015 02:39:01 incivanpico incivanpico
Itz Okay MP..lion just pacing Rumblim as I do sometimes haha!:D....owner didn't giv me my Dreamy Treats ta Day!:D:D:D
May 21 2015 02:56:29 incivanpico mpointon
My cats loved Dreamy treats!
May 21 2015 03:02:08 incivanpico incivanpico
Yeah! I got 4...1 male 3 girls...but Bear the male is in Love at the Moment wid a Cute female....but catz get addicted 2 those things....I'm a Cat! HEhE!:D:D:D LOL!;)
May 21 2015 00:44:42
Brilliant guys! Truly fab :) :) Love the combination... This one's on my "to Do" list for the weekend ;)

May 21 2015 00:32:26
Martin, Martin, Martin…. yes, thank goodness you managed to refrain from recording it last night, your neighbours would definitely NOT appreciate it !! :D
Love what you did here, fits like a glove, fine playing my friend !
Thank you so much &.. playlisted it is.. ;)

+1 May 21 2015 00:40:10 nuno1959 mpointon
You're welcome, Nuno. This, like so many of your uploads, is quirky but so very, very satisfying and enjoyable. I don't pretend that the opening similarity to a PF tune I mentioned didn't help the inspiration, but I love this template.

I had so many ideas for this track, but the very simplest beat worked best for me. Keep the time and let you and Wade deservedly shine!

This is a great track. Not for everyone's tastes, but it's the rhythms, tones and originality which sets your playing apart. Wade's refined playing just raised it to another level.

Very well done. All I did was add an easy drum rhythm to it. The glory is both of yours.
May 21 2015 00:45:12 nuno1959 nuno1959
Sorry to disagree, the glory as you call it, is definitely all the fun we all obviously had doing this..
Plus the fantastic feeling of uploading irt here for all our friends to enjoy - long live The Loops man !! ;)
May 21 2015 00:47:50 nuno1959 mpointon
Amen, Nuno! Amen!
May 21 2015 00:07:38
like clockwork

May 20 2015 23:36:20
Pit BrettPit Brett
super beat and sound :) this trio is a true joy :)

May 20 2015 23:28:14

May 20 2015 18:16:00
Oh my god!!! It's amazing!! What a track mates. And drums are just perfect dude!!

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