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It's funny. I think I'm done for the day and then Marc posts a cracker like this. Sorry, I really should stop uploading but tunes like this are just irresistible!

I marked out the sections in Reaper, knowing roughly in my head what I wanted to play. When I sat at the kit to rehearse some of the sections, it turned out the beat I had in my head just didn't work. It was awful. I was hoping to keep it up-tempo, dropping to half time for the end section. As soon as I played I fell straight into this accentuated half-time feel with an emphasis on a reggae-style off-beat on the hi-hat. Funny how these things work out.

In the end, a syncopated half-time throughout with lots of hi-hat dynamic just worked best - the drums wrote themselves. Really gave it that slow funk feel for me.

I hope you all like it. I'll go away now and stop uploading!


April 30 2016 08:54:26
jaeusmjaeusm Nice drumming! The half-time feel is cool :)

May 26 2015 10:47:23
nuno1959nuno1959 Love it, oh yes !!

May 23 2015 14:14:18
LieschingLiesching Yes, Martin! This is drummin at its very best!

May 22 2015 20:14:52
jmrukkersjmrukkers Very cool, gives the track that extra 'push', works great

May 22 2015 00:33:31
FishinmissioFishinmissio Yeah..Damn that Marceys guy..He's a bad(sarcastic) influence:)
+3 May 22 2015 00:38:56 Fishinmissiompointon
That he is! In a good way, of course!
May 23 2015 14:14:59 FishinmissioMarceys
I have that secret mission here :)
May 21 2015 13:59:16
jabluejablue great man...

May 21 2015 01:08:27
RobMRobM Works real well :)

May 21 2015 00:02:38
AusMusicAusMusic Cool feel on this one fellas!! :)

May 20 2015 23:35:49
ItocpogoItocpogo Man, the different rhythms work very nicely and makes the composition really pop! Great and crisp percussive groove!

May 20 2015 23:13:56
MarceysMarceys Yeah! Cool drums Martin! Cool that you took the time to add your great rhythm to this track! You did very good, always a joy to listen to your tracks!
+1 May 20 2015 23:18:58 Marceysmpointon
Thanks, Marc. I hope it isn't too over-the-top. It just seemed the right thing to play. :)
May 20 2015 23:24:21 MarceysMarceys
It comes real natural to my ears so it feels real good! Your accents are just right, it's lifting the track!

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