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So there I was doing a couple of loops. And the doorbell rang. It was me saying hello to myself. So I let myself in and then I rang myself a couple more times until I'd invited myself over 11 times. So we had a jam.

OK, I just overdubbed a lot of stuff. I've not actually been cloned. It's all live - honest.

In this track are:

- Kit playing a samba on the snare/floor tom
- 2 x 13x3 piccolo snare overdubs with the snares off acting as timbales
- 2 x cowbell overdubs doing a cascara pattern
- 4 x jam block (2 tracks high, 2 tracks low) playing 2:3 clave
- 2 x 18" floor tom overdubs doing the tumbao pattern

I have no idea what you guys can do with this track but it was a good laugh recording it. Timing not perfect but it will line up in a sequencer! Please join if you can!

And yes, I've already thought of the jokes about playing with myself.

I hope you enjoy.


September 19 2015 11:07:59
PJEPJE Hey Martin its so hard to keep up...only heard this after Glez's upload....... Super creative and magical percussion patterns this is how its done my friend Bravo!!! :)

August 30 2015 15:36:32
heliandrosheliandros this is awesome

August 23 2015 22:07:04
jamladyjamlady yeah!

August 23 2015 08:53:26
aleonzaleonz Whoaaaaaa thiiiii issss soooo cooolllll Martin!

May 26 2015 13:14:26
nuno1959nuno1959 Next time record some heat & sunshine & it will feel as if in Rio !! ;) ;)
Really well done !!

+1 May 26 2015 13:57:57 nuno1959mpointon
Thanks, Nuno. It's a bit much for a loop but I figured what the hell! :)
May 26 2015 13:59:23 nuno1959nuno1959
It's just right, not too much at all.. ;)
May 22 2015 11:41:02
akethesnakerakethesnaker Nice job!

May 22 2015 03:41:46
mpointonmpointon Thanks folks. If people want to edit it to their means or whatever, help yourself. I will not be upset or offended. If you want the original master recording stems to mess with (or make more accurate!), let me know. Just be warned there's 23 tracks of it (21 if you exclude the reverb send channels)!

As I said, I have no idea what can be done with this. It was just one of those silly things that I though would be fun and it's nice to do some multi-tracking of my own! Maybe I need my self-indulgence chip looking at!

May 21 2015 22:37:54
FishinmissioFishinmissio Cool...Drum and Bugle Corps without the Bugle-ers
+1 May 21 2015 23:21:52 Fishinmissiompointon
Best way! ;)
May 21 2015 21:18:54
Pit BrettPit Brett carnival, Mardi Grass, very hot rhythm :D

May 21 2015 20:59:41
MarceysMarceys A lot of Martins there! Great idea! Sounds very cool!
+1 May 21 2015 21:39:15 Marceysmpointon
Lol! One's bad enough! Was a lot of fun to do, though. Used up 23 tracks in Reaper. My Mac didn't know what'd hit it!

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