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I love John's track and have been messing round with it for a bit. Thing is everything I did vocally was messing with it. So I sent a rough draft to John and he suggested I didnt follow the music so diligently and from there I saw some vocal improvement. I also had to lower the track for my naturally gravel for breakfast voice, for anyone wishing to join in. John its a great track thanks so much for ...
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Lovely song with fine, very good sounding acoustic guitar and charming voices by MorganLeFey.+1
May 22 2015 01:40:16
MorganLeFey Rainer thank you so much for the lovely comment sir +0
Great Morgan !!+1
May 22 2015 01:38:49
MorganLeFey Thanks so much Psycho :D +0
first line's vocal melody is immediately tinged with mournful for me - ooo, i LOVE Mournful. i like the change at "sipping on my drink." "Malibu Barbie" - :) Vicki - you sound so young (young as in not believing one could be so hurt), so wistful here - nice job of finding the perfect music - John knows the power of poignancy. beautiful!+1
May 22 2015 01:38:14
MorganLeFey Whats that saying? There's an album in every breakup ;-) Thank you so much for such a lovely comment Anne xx +0
Great ;) Like me ;) very nice ;)+1
May 22 2015 08:32:22
Il Tello
MorganLeFey You are indeed great!! Thank you +0
cool lyrics Miss M ! nice song :)+1
May 22 2015 08:32:03
MorganLeFey Oliv thank you so much :D +1
Just amazing how you made this tune transform into a real song!
Beautiful how you sometimes follow the melody and then drift off and make your own, as a sort off counterpoint, just beautiful! Love it!
Great job you did here Vicky!
May 23 2015 23:54:41
MorganLeFey John my dear tis all you really. Your amazing talent and inspiration. Thank you +1
Beautiful, Morgan! Love it!+1
Beautiful singing, I like how you worked it out with this unusual song. Well done!+0
Lyrics, melody and guitar in great synergy with each other...very good composition!!!+0
July 18 2018 03:20:24
MorganLeFey You are very kind, thank you +1
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