Heavy Armor (Drums Needed)

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Since I was awaiting a replacement laptop I kept busy with just recording some riffs while was away. I can't wait to get back to jamming with you all. :)


'bout time... :) So awesome to hear this guitar (you) again!+2
May 22 2015 07:19:29
PeterVeillon Dude, The UPS guy showed up and I was the happiest wikilooper ever :) +0
glad to see you back posting :) cool sound !+1
very good:)+1
Welcome back Peter!:) & what a way to return!....this track is incredible m8!;)+1
Hey, i've said this before, but since i've been aware of your playing, you are getting crazy good man Just savage as I say..very heavy and nasty!! I FEEL IT+1
June 20 2015 04:24:33
PeterVeillon Thanks a lot bro. I have my moments I guess. :) +1
June 20 2015 04:26:03
Girard You probably forgot what it was like desperately wanting to be able to play like this. HOw good were you before you had a guitar? :) +0
June 20 2015 04:28:45
PeterVeillon I don't remember. I was 3yrs old :)Thanks for listening. I appreciate it +1
great tune, Peter . Glad you´re back :)+0
Cool. Welcome back!+0
Oh Yeaah ! That's sounds+0
Ooo, this is very cool !!+0

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