New York policeman night life

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Another story, yeah! story to tell in this long drum track. Music & "night sound" together.

Dedicated to those man who every night work for our safe while we sleep. Hard life lived on the delicate wire of fear for their lives and a coldness to maintain not personally "to get in trouble" with terrible public opinion. Where is the story lived? LATIN neighborhoods?.. may be!!

The sound of my guitar is not proper a "similar recording studio" sound... I know.. (due to fast chord changes with "finger capo") I am sorry, but I am much more interested in story, in comunication,(that I hope you can "read between the lines") and in all that you desire to add after me, first of all. This is just a musical base for all of you.

Thanks to all and thanks to Riminian great drummer for interesting drum template


September 26 2016 04:48:12
francisco alfrancisco al bom trabalho anno

May 23 2015 07:57:42
HaffastHaffast I love it! What a great sound this has! :) If I danced, I would dance to this. Thankfully, I don't dance. I'd ruin it if I did.
+1 May 23 2015 08:14:54 HaffastAnno_Nym
Take your guitar and try at home ;)
May 23 2015 08:17:10 HaffastHaffast
I might have to try that! :)
May 22 2015 22:24:00
ivaxivax esto es fantastico,me gusta ese juego de rasgeos,muy mediterraneo,en algo se nos tiene que notar el "LatinLover",disculpa si te hablo en castellano,pero me expreso mejor,espero que traduzca bien
+1 May 22 2015 22:46:30 ivaxAnno_Nym
Entiendo. Ahora he visto un tutorial de Youtube sobre rasgeos .. que algo así .. reproduzco algo que hizo Robert Smith de The Cure cuando tocaba la acústica. I like this way of playng..
May 22 2015 19:44:22
Lenny CowlerLenny Cowler awesome:)
+1 May 22 2015 20:03:04 Lenny CowlerAnno_Nym
Dire Straits had made me discover rock in 1980.. Sbisio drum let only come out memories.
May 22 2015 20:09:42 Lenny CowlerLenny Cowler
Mark Knopfler is excellent player:)
May 22 2015 15:32:21
PsychoPsycho It's a good comp and story line... kudos franz !!
+1 May 22 2015 15:37:20 PsychoAnno_Nym
Very kind, thnks Psyco. It is also on OPEN story.. ;) Don't forget..
May 22 2015 14:27:38
sbisiosbisio Fra..sei proprio un menestrello!!Bellissima idea!!
+1 May 22 2015 14:32:57 sbisioAnno_Nym
Ma va!! Uno dei miei miti giovanili era Branduardi, i Dire sono venuti dopo ahaha. Diciamo che credo nella musica "che parla" e che racconta anche..
May 22 2015 13:26:05
Il TelloIl Tello oddio gli sbirri mi hanno fatto trombone = tana ;) ;) ;)
+1 May 22 2015 13:51:31 Il TelloAnno_Nym
Questo autunno scorso ho pagato 300euro di multa in due giorni ;) e mi hanno beccato a 20 all'ora incolonnato col telefonino.. -5punti.;) Ma questi lavorano di giorno.. A quelli notturni invece chapeaux! Mestieraccio!! Non lo farei mai.. :)

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