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After doing Piper's upload yesterday which involved hopping from ska to techno, I thought I'd do a straightforward Ska template for people to meddle around with as there seemed to be an appetite for it. I think the structure is 16 bars verse, 16 bars chorus, 16 bars verse, 16 bars chorus, 16 bars middle thingy, 16 bars chorus. It adds up, at least! Tempo's 160 bpm. Fast playing is not my thing - it's where my left-handed-but-play-right-handed thing holds me up ...


I know well EZdrummer.
His real name is Martin!
New expansion available !
Bravo Monsieur Pointon
Nicely done. I'll have to get out my Madness LP and see if I can come up with something. If you are taking requests, how are you at Surf? :)+2
May 22 2015 15:00:35
mpointon I can have a try. Have any reference songs in mind? I'll look 'em up and have a go. :) +0
May 22 2015 15:03:35
mpointon Done a quick bit of research - gimme an hour or so to knock something together. +0
May 22 2015 23:11:13
barkndog Thanks Martin! The human drum machine - never needs batteries (only wine) :) +0
yeah this is awesome+1
FYI my fav part of your stuff is the sharp pop of the snare!+1
Hey M, do you ever sleep? :) Good stuff man !!+1
May 22 2015 15:56:11
mpointon I do sleep. Sometimes. I'm only this active because I'm still job hunting! +0
Nice drumming ;-)+1
yes!!! Good play, I like ska:)+1
OK, time to 'fess up :
You fell into an EZ Drummer cauldron when you were a kid, right ?
May 26 2015 14:16:02
mpointon Lol. I am Obelix! +0
May 26 2015 14:17:23
nuno1959 Nope : Drummelix is your name, drumming romans is your game :D +1
May 26 2015 14:18:02
mpointon Do I carry a bass drum on my back? ;) +1
May 26 2015 14:22:07
nuno1959 No, just a couple of giant kodo drums..
The bass drum is in your keyring !
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