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Like the Ska template, this template is the beat I did on Piper's upload from yesterday. It's my attempt to impersonate a drum machine. The damn things have been making my life harder for years so it's about time I peed in their power socket ;) As the joke goes, you only have to punch the song into a drum machine once!

Anyway, two patterns: the syncopated one I did on Piper's template yesterday and a manic ride/hi-hat thing with four-on-the-floor ...


Man the little run in the last several seconds was nuts!+1
Hi Martin, this is great!!! Great beat, big Sound and beautiful "machine like"-style. Thanks god I was not misleaded by "Techno" (not my favourite genre:-)))).But the Quality Trademark "mpointon" was a must to have a listen.And I was not disappointed.+1
Cool beat... !!+1
You're killing it Martin! This is crazy!+1
May 22 2015 15:50:30
mpointon Thanks, wiseshanks! There's a fair few bloopers in there. The kick is flamming a bit with the snare on the 'chorus' bits but it's close enough. At this tempo, it's a pig! +1
May 22 2015 16:09:14
mpointon Have you heard of Andy Gangadeen? He used to be M-People's drummer but now he plays the craziest techno, dance and jungle beats on his kit. Worth checking out. +1
Just heard this via Marcey's add! I can't believe there's only one remix to this man!+1
April 18 2016 10:56:08
mpointon Thanks, Kenny! I'd forgotten about the template entirely!!! +0
Excellent, Martin!+1
I can see the stream of fluid just no holds barred flowing directly onto the drum machine's power source! LOL!+0
Perfect !!+0

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