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This is what happens when I'm waiting for the washing machine to finish. For no reason, Muse's superb 'Uprising' song started going round my head. So off to the drums I went to get rid of the ear worm.

It's pretty obvious where the inspiration for this pattern comes from. It's a great beat though and I used to love playing this song in a rock band I used to play in. It's a bit clumsy in places but wasn't worth correcting - this shuffle is a pig to play well. Structure is (I think):

16 bars verse
8 bars chorus
16 bars verse
16 bars chorus
16 bars verse
16 bars chorus
16 bars verse

HD download has no reverb on the drums. Please add reverb if you use it. :)



September 01 2016 15:38:03
GuitarPlyrGuitarPlyr Great one again :)

July 09 2016 17:39:10
PowellJamzPowellJamz Love it so much.
Unfortunately some one stole my bass guitars. Otherwise I would totally rock this!
EDIT: got my bass back, now all I need is my amp and I'm gonna slay on this beat.

June 22 2016 19:58:26
GemmyFGemmyF awesome!

December 17 2015 05:16:26
jlg4398jlg4398 That's great. I just found this site. I'm looking for a drum backing track for a Neil Young song 'Mr. Soul'. If you can post it or send it to me. I can add Bass, Guitars and voice. I will post it with your permission.

December 02 2015 01:41:50
PedersenPedersen Damn i love this

August 15 2015 20:20:12
frankyguitarfrankyguitar Great drums Martin! Cool rock template... :) :) :)

August 15 2015 17:41:32
heliandrosheliandros great template, MP

August 01 2015 09:41:05
aduadu awesome :)

June 18 2015 01:25:36
DickDick just came down one of the remixes to give this well deserved thumb :) totally solid!
+1 June 18 2015 01:28:29 Dickmpointon
Thanks, Dick! What worries me is how much better my drums sound further down the tree! :o
May 27 2015 00:34:08
R1772R1772 Fantastic drums again, Martin. A pleasure to listen even "drums only":-).


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