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This is what happens when I'm waiting for the washing machine to finish. For no reason, Muse's superb 'Uprising' song started going round my head. So off to the drums I went to get rid of the ear worm.

It's pretty obvious where the inspiration for this pattern comes from. It's a great beat though and I used to love playing this song in a rock band I used to play in. It's a bit clumsy in places but wasn't ...
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70s Rock, Martin Pointon, , Muse


I don't know why man, but this one reminds me to April Wine, a great band, for sure. Great drummin' as always mate!!! You rock!! :)+1
Fantastic drum upload Martin, wonderful.. ;)
Not only your drumming is wonderful but i have the impression it has got such a rich sound to the recording as well, fine work my friend !! ;)
Coooool! Short wash in 3:15. Hope it's clean! :)+1
Another classic drum track Martin!! I think this one has a great 70's glam rock vibe...well done!+1
Great drum beat!+1
good sound, excellent play:)+1
Killer !!+1
Great beat+1
Yep - great
> recording
> playing
> beat

For some reason I am thinking 70s glam rock like Sweet and Gary Glitter.
May 22 2015 23:12:20
PaulBOwens "Rock and Roll Part 1" came to mind for me too/// +0
May 24 2015 04:38:47
mpointon Are we allowed to mentioned Gary Glitter any more? +0
& he likes Muse as well ? ;)+1
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