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An "atonal" kirtan (Indian call & response). Great for guitarists to try different modes over. I hope to see some remixes of any type!
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Oh man, I love this sort of stuff, especially with some great tabla on it. I'm looking forward to the adds to this. :)+1
May 22 2015 19:12:56
DannyK Thanks! I'm hoping it will generate some interest from the guitarists to practice/play some modes over. And I hate to sample tabla but what are you going to do? Unless you play ... +1
May 22 2015 20:17:35
mpointon Lol. Tablas are way out of my expertise! I'd love to be able to play but it's a life's work in itself! +1
May 22 2015 20:31:43
DannyK A harmonium or shruti is much easier. I always wanted one. The cantor at my local synagogue has a harmonium. Definitely cool. +0
Naaaaice! Hmmmmmm downloading it. I wah-nder wha-t I can do wha-s it :D+1
May 22 2015 19:39:56
DannyK Thanks and have fun! +0
Sorry boys...gotta be done!+1
May 22 2015 19:41:27
DannyK Have fun! +0
awesome ;)+1
May 22 2015 21:00:31
DannyK Thanks, akchen! +0
oh it :)+1
May 22 2015 21:01:01
DannyK Thanks! +1
Yeah, this goes on the list... great backing !!+1
May 22 2015 21:01:26
DannyK Get to it, LOL! +1
very cool :)+1
May 22 2015 21:01:46
DannyK Thank you! :) +0
Much respect, sounds cool.+1
Very cool sound!:)+1
That's a cool one. Are it tablas? Sounds great! I think I could do one... if I have time... really nice sound!!! Great dannyk!!+1
May 26 2015 22:28:11
DannyK Thanks. Yep, they're tabla - sampled, of course. ;) +1
May 27 2015 06:10:24
frankyguitar Yes, of course 😎😎 +1
May 28 2015 07:03:12
frankyguitar I try an add, but uhhh, very difficult +1
May 28 2015 21:38:34
DannyK A bit of a challenge, yes, but you can do it! +1
May 29 2015 05:15:58
frankyguitar Maybe, but it is an Experiment, I think it works only over the Sound. Have hear a lot of Indian music and the bass is the point. None from them had a normal bassline, in your is a short bass figure in self replication, but I try it, I like this track. I have rediscovered John McLaughlins Shakti, thanks for reminding 😎😎😎 +0

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