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Martin's power shuffle takes me back to the Glam Rock era 40 years ago...! Hopefully someone will add something or other to it!!


October 08 2015 04:39:54
missed this one: "Don't believe a word" taste!
I really must jump in this when I will be reborn Under a bad sign...

May 27 2015 20:33:37
This really rocks! A bunch of thumbs :)
+1 May 27 2015 20:38:54 Liesching PaulBOwens
Glad u like Marc \m/
May 24 2015 03:39:48
It's weird. I had Muse's 'Uprising' in mind when I did the template - a very modern song - but, on hindsight, I agree it had more than a whiff of Slade or Mud about it. You've made it pure '70s excess and it utterly f**king rocks.

It's got Lizzy in there with the rock solid bass backing, it's got the Sabbath/Rainbow 'squeals' in the chugging riff work and, if I'm honest, I detect a bit of early Van Halen 1-era 'brown sound' with the chorus riffery and overall sense of humour. You've distilled everything which was great about the '70s rock into a 3-minute upload.

The fact you made the drums a feature of the 'verses' with your spartan riff was, for me, the masterstroke that made it so in-keeping with the genre. That and you built the riffs around the 'pushes' I [over]did. It genuinely sounds like the polished song it is. Like the drums and the guitars/bass were written together. Uncanny.

I thought your Pink Floyd effort couldn't be touched but this is on a par for its mastery of genre. I can only give one thumb. It deserves so many, many more. Absolutely bravo.

+0 May 24 2015 20:46:13 mpointon PaulBOwens
Thanks so much for that feedback Martin - your drumming is inspirational! I actually haven't heard the Muse track (yet) so I was still stuck in my 70's cocoon ! :) - again thanks for your creativity !
May 23 2015 23:59:30
Thanks & glad you like it Mulambo... I got into rock listening to stuff like this back in the early 70's!!

May 23 2015 23:57:30
this is true rock´n´roll!! great track, bro!

May 23 2015 00:07:09
TOP NOTCH! The one thumb is way up :) Killer bass and guitar tones man!
+0 May 23 2015 00:22:50 barkndog PaulBOwens
Thanks very much my friend !! \m/ :) Glid u like it!
May 22 2015 23:39:25
takes me back to my misspent youth :D
+0 May 22 2015 23:45:01 MorganLeFey PaulBOwens
You and me both Morgan !! Back in the day I used to buy the 45 rpm's by Sweet, Mud, Slade, Suzi Quatro, Alvin Stardust ... although the "verse" is a shameless take on a Thin Lizzy... I guess the mix of glam and hard rock makes it kinda Def Leppard
May 22 2015 21:57:44
Lenny CowlerLenny Cowler
+0 May 22 2015 23:25:32 Lenny Cowler PaulBOwens
Cheers Lenny! :)
May 22 2015 21:52:12
that is a cool glam rocker well done guys
+0 May 22 2015 21:54:45 Rickplayer PaulBOwens
Cheers Rick!
May 22 2015 21:44:39
Suuuuuuuuuuuicide Ake !! Strap on and jump in dude!


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