All the Stars in the Sky

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Scrawfrd, Nadeem and Ake made one of the prettiest tunes I've found yet. I wanted to fill it out a little more but try to keep it beautiful as it was. And harmonies... I can't EVER pass up a chance for harmonies. ;) Hope you don't mind, Ake!


August 17 2015 22:46:18
Nice lead skills :)

June 04 2015 08:29:14
This is real beautiful man
+1 June 04 2015 13:22:19 kenrich Haffast
Thank you! They made such an emotional song with this one.
May 25 2015 06:55:12
Super! cLove your add!;)
+1 May 26 2015 07:02:21 akethesnaker Haffast
Thanks Ake! This was such a pretty song, but you know me - had to add some harmonies in there somewhere... lol

I love you part on this. so pretty Ake. Great stuff! :)
May 24 2015 00:24:13
Really like it thanks bud
+1 May 24 2015 01:32:17 scrawfrd02 Haffast
Awesome! Thank YOU for a great template!
May 23 2015 20:02:21
Beautiful track mates!!!! Great work all of you, great guitars as well, cool duo ;)
+1 May 23 2015 20:43:34 Guadaña Haffast
It was really cool to get to play on such a beautiful track!
May 23 2015 18:12:49
You have got some great melodic stuff here... well done Haf !!
+1 May 23 2015 18:15:40 Psycho Haffast
Thanks a lot Psycho! I really appreciate that! It doesn't always show through, but I'd really rather be remembered for making something simple, melodic, and pretty than just something fast/heavy.
May 23 2015 14:38:48
Sing Beatles LET IT BE .... somewhere slightly changing the melody..I am trying.. Woowww nice job guys..
+1 May 23 2015 17:56:11 Anno_Nym Haffast
You should record that! :)
May 23 2015 18:00:20 Anno_Nym Anno_Nym
Great desire but maybe it is better I play ahahah. Anyway I download it. ;)
May 23 2015 14:35:16
What a great job guys, from you and from all the crew. Clap hand Haf.;)
+1 May 23 2015 17:55:39 Anno_Nym Haffast
I agree! They made a beautiful song! It feels great to have added something that I think still fits well with theirs! :)
May 23 2015 12:58:42
Sounds great !
+1 May 23 2015 17:54:25 MasterK Haffast
Thanks K! At one point, I had a crazy amount of compression, EQ, reverb, etc... Then i stripped almost all of it out and left it mostly untouched, straight from my guitar pedal.

I just tweaked the EQ slightly for the single guitar tracks and added a lot of reverb to sound closer to Ake's part at the end. I think I matched his reverb pretty well, or at least well enough. :)
May 23 2015 10:54:04
Beautiful :)
+1 May 23 2015 17:51:12 Keiton Haffast
Thanks a lot Keii! I'm glad you like it. I don't play them a lot, but I LOVE the pretty ones! :)

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