All the Stars in the Sky

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Scrawfrd, Nadeem and Ake made one of the prettiest tunes I've found yet. I wanted to fill it out a little more but try to keep it beautiful as it was. And harmonies... I can't EVER pass up a chance for harmonies. ;) Hope you don't mind, Ake!
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Ballad, Soothing, Chill


May 23 2015 17:38:02
Haffast Thank you so much! They did all the important work, I just wanted to add something pretty to it as best as I could. +0
Nice Haffast :)+1
May 23 2015 17:42:20
Haffast Thank you Aus! Sometimes, nothing beats calm and soothing! +0
Oh my God this is good...damn.+1
May 23 2015 17:43:14
Haffast Thanks Dan! I'm really happy with this one. It was such a pretty song to jump in on - and FOR ONCE I liked my tone! :) +0
very good:)+1
May 23 2015 17:46:48
Lenny Cowler
Haffast Thanks a lot Lenny! I'm glad you like it! +2
I like it
Bravo Haffast!
May 23 2015 17:48:23
Haffast Thanks a lot! Before i recorded, I just listened to it and let it repeat a whole bunch of times. So pretty! +0
Beautiful add Haffast ! :)+1
May 23 2015 17:49:27
Haffast Thanks Rob! I couldn't get over how pretty it was to start. just wanted to add more to it. I feel like I didn't overdo it. That's a rare for me. :) +0
Very good!!:)+1
May 23 2015 17:50:18
Haffast Thank you, Mish! Very much appreciated! :) +1
Beautiful :)+1
May 23 2015 17:51:12
Haffast Thanks a lot Keii! I'm glad you like it. I don't play them a lot, but I LOVE the pretty ones! :) +0
Sounds great !+1
May 23 2015 17:54:25
Haffast Thanks K! At one point, I had a crazy amount of compression, EQ, reverb, etc... Then i stripped almost all of it out and left it mostly untouched, straight from my guitar pedal.

I just tweaked the EQ slightly for the single guitar tracks and added a lot of reverb to sound closer to Ake's part at the end. I think I matched his reverb pretty well, or at least well enough. :)
What a great job guys, from you and from all the crew. Clap hand Haf.;)+1
May 23 2015 17:55:39
Haffast I agree! They made a beautiful song! It feels great to have added something that I think still fits well with theirs! :) +0
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