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A little something I was working on trying to practice piano a bit...For the extended "metal" version see next upload :) Definitely would be cool for bass and drums to be added to both...I hear lots happening with the heavier version once drums and bass come along :)


November 02 2015 19:48:50
MidoruMidoru Very nice work, Dan.

May 27 2015 13:07:15
nuno1959nuno1959 Very nice sounds happening there..

May 26 2015 07:23:36
cody trippcody tripp Awesome !!!

May 24 2015 17:57:10
HaffastHaffast I had to tell you, again, how much i love this. Reminds me of The Best of Times by Dream Theater. I want to record a tribute solo over it (as best as I can). :)

Was the Gm for Gary Moore? ;)

May 24 2015 17:44:17
HaffastHaffast As much as I love a good Metalized ballad, this is absolutely beautiful Dan. I could just listen to this over and over without anything added at all. Love it!

May 24 2015 15:25:00
PsychoPsycho Good play !!

May 24 2015 10:53:03
Lenny CowlerLenny Cowler very good:)

May 24 2015 07:12:02
AusMusicAusMusic I can picture lots happening with this too!!
+1 May 24 2015 07:15:33 AusMusicDanalyze45
I hope so :) I hear lots of ways it could go....from vox to shred it's a pretty open canvas

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