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OK, Nuno and Ausmusic both made a bass track, thanks! Since both gave me the single tracks to play with I thought it would only be fair if both were used. So have fun finding out who is who :)

Also added to the mix are more guitars and of course a little wahwah ;)

I have some ideas about vocals for this, but it will be a while. So in the spirit of Wikiloops I have uploaded the track - hopefully ...
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rap, blues, riddim, , hip hop, hiphop


Eh, eh, eh… me likey !!
& i think i know who's playing bass where but.. i won't give it away & spoil the suspense ! ;) ;)
Very cool guitar adds of yours & a great mix, well done !
May 24 2015 13:46:13
TeeGee Yes I guess you would know ;). I knew it was worth waiting for the bass lines - it transforms the whole track! +1
Cool vibe on this TG ! I like the sounds, and the mix is good !+1
May 24 2015 13:03:23
TeeGee Thanks!! +0
Uhhh dat loudness on dat beat 'n those groovy cords lines => Good Job TG !+1
May 24 2015 15:07:57
TeeGee Thanks - although I did not do much there - I mainly adjusted the volume levels for the tracks I received. +0
Nice work TG !!+1
May 24 2015 15:22:48
TeeGee thanks Psycho +0
Very nice can't wait to hear the vocals+1
May 24 2015 15:25:29
TeeGee Thanks. It seems someone is already working on it. Can't wait for it, too :D +0
Melodic with still a nice edge with the guitar solo lines, and very mice muted jazz like bass lines!+1
May 24 2015 17:03:49
TeeGee Thank you!! +0
Nice work! I dig it! :)+1
May 24 2015 17:58:33
TeeGee Thanks :) +2
Very fine mix, TG, and of course a nice idea! Looking forward to the vocals‼️‼️👍👍+1
May 24 2015 18:09:14
TeeGee Thanks Franky :) +1
Nice mix+1
May 24 2015 21:30:17
TeeGee Thanks! +1
Good Work !! Fun to listen to.+1
May 24 2015 21:43:59
TeeGee Thanks Jim :) +1

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