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From the incomparable Mr Nuno with me sitting in with squeaky toy.

Mt thanks to all of you who have been listening and commenting on the other tracks with Nuno. My apologies for being so scarce...much harder to listen and do much when traveling until/unless I get a good connection and a bit of time. Wishing all of you all the best. Will eventually drop the other six tracks on it or not! ...


your saxophone tells a story+3
May 27 2015 13:44:27
Wade Thanks Jamlady! I try. As a live jam it isn't always easy. This has a slow tempo so much easier. +1
*Must resist*

Fabulous template from both of you!
May 28 2015 10:24:13
Wade Resistance is futile. Give in. +2
Great playing Wade. I think you put up just enough and not burn yourself out. Sometimes I wonder if I should slow down a bit for that very reason :)+3
May 28 2015 10:37:51
Wade Hmmm...What to say? I've probably got at least 20 tracks recorded that have been "held back". My burning out isn't a problem as much as possibly being too present and too predictable. Also as our numbers (wikiloops members) increases I feel like I should leave more space. Does that make sense? There's also that old saying about "leaving them wanting more". The sopranino is OK in small doses. There is a reason why most sax players don't play this instrument. Same reason why you won't hear a concerto for piccolo...after a few minutes it can sound irritating. +0
Totally Cool Wade. This one should really take off.+2
May 27 2015 13:42:05
Wade Thanks Cody. Have been on the road so not able to get back sooner. +1
Cody Agree Wade.. Nice template ;)+2
May 27 2015 13:43:20
Wade Thanks Franzolt...but I think Nuno deserves credit. I just diddle along. +1
Nice job ! laid cousin =)+2
May 27 2015 13:45:22
Wade Thanks, glad you like. +0
and cool it is...nunooo and Wade :)+2
May 27 2015 13:46:29
Wade Sorry I didn't leave any room for lyrics. Just one of those live jam things where you are working off each other. +1
May 27 2015 20:26:25
Shi well that's cool too , nice work there Wade :) +0
Beautiful :)+2
May 27 2015 13:49:46
Wade Thanks Keiichiro, and for adding to the previous one. Will try to get enough time to comment properly. Cheers. +1
Hey Wade, the sopranino is me family!!!I like+2
May 27 2015 13:51:12
Wade Gracias Xavi. Esperamos tener la oportunidad de jugar juntos de nuevo. Me alegro de que te guste esto. +0
Such a upbeat chilled vibe :) And beautiful playing from you both. :) :) But then again, we expect no less from you two :)+2
May 28 2015 10:27:03
Wade Thanks Rob. Was a great experience for me to play with Nuno. I really enjoy the live interaction and possibilities. +1
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