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KMstar1134 jams Supporter
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Oh yeah love the song, hope I did it justice!


May 26 2015 12:02:17
Great add KM !
+1 May 27 2015 00:14:23 MasterK KMstar
Thanks MK, had fun with this one! great harmonica man!
May 26 2015 01:56:04
Great version KM !!

May 26 2015 01:46:18
Another great rendition of a great track...
+1 May 27 2015 00:16:52 glennp KMstar
I went a bit overboard with this one and wound up treading water ;) I may have to keep working on restraining myself on tracks like these.
May 26 2015 01:17:38
cody trippcody tripp

May 26 2015 00:45:44
hahahaha this track is getting wilder by the hour :D :D this is what's great about the loops, you never know what's gonna happen :D

I think a remix using HD tracks might be good, I think the sound quality has detoriated. Maybe MasterK is up for it, we could load up the single tracks?

+3 May 26 2015 00:49:20 TeeGee KMstar
I dont have a problem uploading a better version but I am the one that degraded the sound my friend ;) it takes me a bit so it may be a day or two but I can try to upload my .wav of my guitar
May 26 2015 00:51:40 TeeGee TeeGee
No it also happened before, I noticed it on Master K's version too, and possibly on mine as well. It does happen sometimes when reworking the same track, depending on the quality of the MP3.
May 26 2015 00:55:13 TeeGee KMstar
I did my best to boost the freq. loss going to mp3 and to boost the harp so I could play a harmony to it without making it disappear so i screwed with the entire dynamics and lost some of the clairity I think
May 26 2015 00:59:34 TeeGee TeeGee
Yeah that's why I think a re-mix with single tracks would be the solution. Worth a try for sure. Let's speak to MasterK tomorrow about it.
May 26 2015 01:02:01 TeeGee KMstar
Sounds good
May 26 2015 10:34:36 TeeGee Il Tello
Well I think it 's useless to Mixing and Mastering of MP3 tracks, but it's just in my mind. Every one can do what think is right. But to do a better audio quality could creating another kind of trouble of sync ....;) Very Good obeservation ;)
May 26 2015 10:41:15 TeeGee TeeGee
Agree Tello - but it is worth a try :) Maybe it'll work - or not :D
May 26 2015 10:43:00 TeeGee Il Tello
Sure if think that everything is Ok you need creating for first step a perfect Timeline, now I' going to work but after I can tell you much more 'bout sync and rec mode
May 26 2015 15:48:03 TeeGee Il Tello
Well to get an appreciable different audio you should workin in wav, and all members working wave too...in MP3 the data are so little. In wav this work needs time e good tools. Wiki is perfect for Mp3 as ideas and jam toget a good session need others details. It's so hard that everything in mp3 is perfect in wav.

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