Irish Walkways (Needs Bass/Drums)

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Danalyze451413 jams
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I put in a solo to this wonderful track until the halfway point. It would be awesome if someone wanted to finish it up! :)
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Gm, GM, Moody


Awesome Haffast :)+1
May 26 2015 06:50:20
Haffast Thank you very much Keiichiro! :) +1
Lead guitar that touch inside... very good Haf. Thumbs.+1
May 26 2015 08:07:47
Haffast Thanks! I didn't take too much time trying to make it perfect. Maybe that helped? ;) +1
May 26 2015 08:16:23
Anno_Nym In your recording, I can hear your communication well ;) go on.. +1
May 26 2015 08:36:20
Haffast Great! Thanks! :) +1
May 26 2015 09:30:26
Anno_Nym From actual 37 jam to 100 in short time.. OK? +0
Awesome !!+1
May 26 2015 08:08:30
Haffast Thank you Cody! Much appreciated, mi amigo! +1
Gave me goosebumps .... Awesome Haf ! :) :)+1
May 26 2015 08:09:27
Haffast Wow! Thanks! I didn't think it was goosebump quality! That's AWESOME! :) +0
This would have to be the best I have heard from you yet Haffast!!
Well done man!!
May 26 2015 08:11:42
Haffast That's cool! I appreciate that! I'm really glad you liked it! Thanks a lot! :) +1
Feeling and creative skillfully played to Dan's track ,sounds great.D+1
May 26 2015 17:29:46
Haffast Thanks a lot Drum! I think Dan and I have similar tastes on what would be our favorite backing tracks. He's just the only one of is talented enough to make them. ;) +0
I could hear a Mr.Crowley Ozzy Vibe to this track rock on!+1
May 26 2015 17:31:00
Haffast That's one of my very favorites! I didn't hear it, but I'll take that compliment all the same! :) ;) +0
Great playing man!!! Cool work both of you, beautiful ballad man.+1
May 26 2015 17:31:55
Haffast Thanks! I'll tell you what is REALLY cool, your solo! Loved it! Beautiful job! +1
Superb stuff man !!+1
May 26 2015 17:32:59
Haffast Thanks Psycho! As long as Dan keeps making these beautiful, moody templates...

... I'll keep recording the exact same solos on top of them! Hahaha! :)
I added some drums did my best hope you like it+1
May 26 2015 17:21:40
Haffast They are perfect! Absolutely perfect! +0

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