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Since I had all of the individual tracks, I decided to try a remix! I attempted to level the volume across Guadaña's track and mine and added some reverb to mine to make it fit a little better.

Would still love to hear some drums and bass in this one! :)


May 29 2015 19:05:31
amazing. Feels like I am floating through the sky when I hear this... :) Very surreal.
+1 May 30 2015 03:33:54 KellsBells Haffast
That's a good experience, right? :) I think Guadaña and I were a good combination for this track.
May 27 2015 04:24:17
Yeah man sounds awesome Haff!! That has a live quality about it!!
+1 May 27 2015 05:25:57 AusMusic Haffast
Thanks man! I appreciate it! I think the extra reverb helped add that live quality. I agree, it helped. :)
May 27 2015 04:05:22
Great piece of music here...you guys really blessed such a simple track with some fine emotional guitar playing with technique and taste galore. Really happy to hear this come to life this way. Hat's off to you gentlemen :)
+2 May 27 2015 05:28:18 Danalyze45 Haffast
I'm still wanting to hear your version of this. I know it'll be technical and tasty.

You should show is how it's done right! :)
May 27 2015 05:31:23 Danalyze45 Danalyze45
Hang in there...It's on the way :)
May 27 2015 05:52:02 Danalyze45 Haffast
May 27 2015 06:07:17 Danalyze45 Danalyze45
Work schedule pretty hectic right now but my "Friday" is tomorrow so I'm letting this one ferment in my mind a little before I record :) lol
May 27 2015 00:28:11
Not only great remix but more.. great duet we can say in this case ;) Good Haf.
+1 May 27 2015 05:24:19 Anno_Nym Haffast
I'm really happy with how this turned out! Thank you! :)
May 26 2015 22:49:46
great mix!!
+1 May 27 2015 05:23:35 TeeGee Haffast
Thanks a lot! Glad you liked it!
May 26 2015 22:11:41
Fantastic Haf, mixing seems to be the thing here lately. I like this a lot !!
+3 May 26 2015 22:31:44 Psycho Haffast
I like mixing because it gives me an outlet for my OCD tendencies. Ha! :)
May 26 2015 22:07:03
Yeah buddy - this sounds great!!
+1 May 26 2015 22:30:49 Basster Haffast
Thanks a lot Basster! Much appreciated! I feel like it still needs a 4 string guitar track. ;)
May 26 2015 21:05:53
+1 May 26 2015 21:23:29 akethesnaker Haffast
Thanks Ake! Dan made another great template!
May 26 2015 20:52:42
Great playing Dan/Haf/G and nice mixing job Haf... I remember Dublin in '49 ;)
+2 May 26 2015 21:06:10 PaulBOwens Haffast
Thanks, Paul! Glad you like it! :)
May 26 2015 20:09:26
Great mixing mate!!! Sounds really well and equilibrated nox ;)
+1 May 26 2015 20:22:00 Guadaña Haffast
Glad you like it! i couldn't hear your part well enough. it was too good to be too quiet. :)

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