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This fabulous track from Marc has not had a happy genesis with me. I recorded a few days ago to be very unhappy with the result. So I tried again today. Still wasn't happy with the result, along with the other jams I've recorded today. So decided to give up and try tomorrow.

Went to my fortnightly jam night this evening to let off steam to end up very fortunate to jam 'Hit Me With Your Rhythm Stick' and Chaka Khan's 'Ain't Nobody' with Jamiroquai's guitarist who put in an appearance. That cheered me up, especially when Rob then drunkenly jammed in a rendition of Chic's 'Good Times' on my drums.

So I got home late this evening in a much better mood and decided to re-listen to my recording of this jam. Decided to mix it, publish it and be damned. It still ain't right to my ears but I hope other adds will perhaps make the difference that I want to hear.



July 08 2016 20:43:38
jaeusmjaeusm I like this one quite a bit. It may not sound right to your ears, but it sounds good to me :)

April 02 2016 02:04:58
kimbokimbo you do talk some c££P sometimes!...its bloody great!
i'm just having a little attempt myself and the only way i was ever gonna stay in step with marc was with you pacing me...
absoloutly beautiful, both of you

October 18 2015 05:14:09
SuperRed1SuperRed1 This is so beautiful, such a great combination between chords arrangement and absolutely cool percussive touches that add a great sound to it all! I'm working on a bass line for this one, thank you guys!

September 20 2015 18:25:48
aleonzaleonz This is something to cheer up the little mellow but sweet keys from marc, like a friendly tap in the shoulder! wonderful play as always Martin!

September 19 2015 21:24:09
MarceysMarceys 03:59 thats a very cool hihat! :) :) :)'

September 19 2015 17:40:09
piperpiper MP you out did yourself on this one!

June 01 2015 13:32:15
JMB65JMB65 Soooo nice! Thx Marceys and mpointon!! Have to play to this.....

May 28 2015 21:58:11
tron12tron12 cool key changes and drums compliment very well, :)

May 28 2015 00:18:44
PaulBOwensPaulBOwens VERY very classy Mr.P!

May 27 2015 23:20:14
Pit BrettPit Brett very good drums!!!


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