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This fabulous track from Marc has not had a happy genesis with me. I recorded a few days ago to be very unhappy with the result. So I tried again today. Still wasn't happy with the result, along with the other jams I've recorded today. So decided to give up and try tomorrow.

Went to my fortnightly jam night this evening to let off steam to end up very fortunate to jam 'Hit Me With Your Rhythm Stick' and Chaka Khan's ...


All your mistakes sounds good to me:D+1
May 27 2015 02:55:36
mpointon Thanks, Ake. It's not so much the mistakes as the overall feel that I'm not happy with. I'm drinking whisky now so it's improving by the minute! :D +2
Sincerest apologies, Marc. I've uploaded against the wrong stem. This includes your solo which is 40728! Serves me right for saving my take under the wrong WikiLoop number. D'oh!+1
the feel is ok in my ears :) i switched to the right template !+1
Works real well+1
I like it also very much Martin! I didn't drink any whisky :)
You played with the guitarplayer of Jamiroquai yesterday? Wow! That is very cool! I think that band is fabulous!
May 27 2015 13:31:54
mpointon Thanks, Marc. I knew what I wanted in my head but it's just not as well-executed as I'd like. I wanted a busy but not intrusive groove to fill the spaces.

As for Jamiroquai's guitarist, here he is drunk on my kit playing 'Good Times'!
May 27 2015 18:50:23
Marceys Haha, that's cool! Must be some good jams! +1
Sometimes the slow ones are the most difficult...sounds good to me.+1
oO o ° o O °0°o O ° o 0 o °OO

° 0 o oOo° B R A V O
The stuff dreams are made off !! SO cool, love this
Great work Marc & Marceys, sounds fab ;)
very good drums!!!+1
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