El Alhambra

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New Zealand
Bass & Saxophone:
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cool track !+2
May 27 2015 21:04:21
Wade Thanks Mr OliVBee! Not perfect, but hey it's 100% improvisation without practice. Lucky for me Nuno wasn't doing a lot of changes. +2
May 27 2015 21:06:38
OliVBee i guess just the right amount ;) +2
May 27 2015 21:13:56
Wade Yes, two chords...one would have been even better (for me). +2
super session from you :) fine tone and melodies. Nice to listen your sax without special-fx. Don misunderstand! I like both :)+2
May 27 2015 21:16:05
Pit Brett
Wade Thanks Pit. The little sopranino can sound very melodic, but can also get on my nerves after a while. Like playing piccolo. +0
Great improvisation!! It kept both worlds (from Alhambra) in a very fine way, Love it !!!+2
May 27 2015 21:35:09
Wade Thanks frankyguitar. I don't know where this came from as it was played a week before seeing the Alhambra. Must be the water. +1
May 28 2015 07:11:34
frankyguitar Really, I thought it was After your visit! It conglomerats Orient and okzident.... 👍👍👍 +0
Superb. Just superb! I love how it's real jamming too!+2
May 27 2015 21:36:05
Wade Thanks my man. You are more than welcome to join in. Love the job you did on the other one. Very sorry to have not caught up with correspondence on that (yet). +1
Hop hop hop Wade!
Sweet kind of colour contrast between you and "metallic" Nuno.
May 28 2015 22:33:36
Wade I think the sopranino will have contrast with everything. I just love what Nuno does. This is the instrument I can take traveling...so what I got is what you get. Good if it works ocassioally. +0
i assume thats nuno's bass......haunting lines between sax and strings...hmmmm... i wonder............+2
May 28 2015 22:36:00
Wade You don't need my permission. Jump in. +2
Oh my !!.. :D My playing sure sucks here :D
Thank goodness you saved the day in style..
May 28 2015 22:27:30
Wade Way too self critical. Imagine this without you??? Not possible. I hear my mistakes too...It's a live jam!! +2
Superb Wade!+1
May 28 2015 22:34:31
Wade Thanks Jam Lady. This is the same little toy sax I had in Urft last year. +1
May 28 2015 22:44:10
jamlady what can I say ... Maestro !! +0
Great stuff, this really takes one somewhere.+1
May 28 2015 22:35:17
Wade Well I took it (and me) somewhere. Glad if it gives you a journey as well. +0
que bonito suena esto Wade+1
May 28 2015 22:38:47
Wade Thanks Xavi. +0

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