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I really bugged Wiseshanks to make me some specific drum tracks So I felt honor bound to do a song right away lol.

Uses Drop D tuning. Nice groove and a few nice chords.

All of the guitar tracks are an Ibanez RG3ex thru a Joyo British Pedal straight into the interface. So there is no mic, no "air" on it yet
Tagged as / Sounds like:
Zeppelin, Kashmir, rising 5th, Drop D, Groove


Hell yeah Jon! This is great! This exudes Zeppelin!+1
May 28 2015 06:37:39
JonJon thanks, I got a lot to add to it but I had to give it up for today. worked on it all day lol +0
May 28 2015 06:39:49
wiseshanks Sounds great man! Hard work paid off! +1
May 28 2015 06:42:31
JonJon Well the intro isnt complete. It needs a lead guitar over it but I just didnt want to use the same pedal setup for lead as I had used on the whole song. The first thing I wrote this morning was the chorus with bass guitar on it but I dont have bass for the whole song yet. The bass adds a lot and I have the low end cut off of the guitars a bit to leave plenty of room for the bass so its a little bottom-light right now +1
probably gonna work the whole backwards guitar intro for that mystical Hendrix/Zep sound...Lord willing. Or at least add some backwards bits+1
Yeah, thats Zep inspired. Like both, the original and your version 👍👍🎸🎸+1
cool guitar with a Page smell :)+1
definitely somewhat Pagistic in spots.

Also a personal milestone. The first song ive done while laying on my bed lol. The sky is the limit now....
Good jam! Good hook in there with the ascending doom feel!+1
Super riffs, superb playing, fits the mix spot on !+1
Yep Zeppelin and Bad Company in there for sure.Great, enjoyed it! *Oooooooh ooooooohhh* Needs some vocals now...+1
Another great track:);)+1
April 13 2016 02:42:02
JonJon this one was totally redone with a different chorus and vocals etc etc. +1
April 13 2016 02:53:00
petebass Hey Jon, just had a listen to it on CLYP, nice job-cool vocals, hope to jam with you soon:) +1
April 13 2016 02:55:03
JonJon ive gotten pretty lazy on wikiloops lol. Im spending a lot of time on a singing forum. I been singing a I need to go back and add vx to all my stuff lol +1
April 13 2016 02:59:44
petebass Hope so Bro cant believe I'v missed your tracks, gonna have a good look thru tomorrow +1
April 13 2016 03:02:06
JonJon yeah, some solid stuff in there. ive forgotten most of it lol. ive got tons of stuff I havent uploaded here too. not enough hours in a week. Im using Ez Drummer software now so it would just be a whole extra layer of uploading etc etc +1
Lenny Cowler
excellent guitar play:)+1

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