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I really bugged Wiseshanks to make me some specific drum tracks So I felt honor bound to do a song right away lol.

Uses Drop D tuning. Nice groove and a few nice chords.

All of the guitar tracks are an Ibanez RG3ex thru a Joyo British Pedal straight into the interface. So there is no mic, no "air" on it yet


April 15 2016 13:25:11
Great play Jon!

April 13 2016 21:55:52
Lenny CowlerLenny Cowler
excellent guitar play:)

April 13 2016 02:38:18
Another great track:);)
+1 April 13 2016 02:42:02 petebass JonJon
this one was totally redone with a different chorus and vocals etc etc.
April 13 2016 02:53:00 petebass petebass
Hey Jon, just had a listen to it on CLYP, nice job-cool vocals, hope to jam with you soon:)
April 13 2016 02:55:03 petebass JonJon
ive gotten pretty lazy on wikiloops lol. Im spending a lot of time on a singing forum. I been singing a I need to go back and add vx to all my stuff lol
April 13 2016 02:59:44 petebass petebass
Hope so Bro cant believe I'v missed your tracks, gonna have a good look thru tomorrow
April 13 2016 03:02:06 petebass JonJon
yeah, some solid stuff in there. ive forgotten most of it lol. ive got tons of stuff I havent uploaded here too. not enough hours in a week. Im using Ez Drummer software now so it would just be a whole extra layer of uploading etc etc
May 28 2015 15:59:11
Well, I guess I wont finish the song with vocals etc. People are telling me its too much of a Kashmir ripoff. Obviously I get that even though the riff is different lol.

May 28 2015 12:52:17
Yep Zeppelin and Bad Company in there for sure.Great, enjoyed it! *Oooooooh ooooooohhh* Needs some vocals now...

May 28 2015 10:02:28
Super riffs, superb playing, fits the mix spot on !

May 28 2015 07:54:01
Good jam! Good hook in there with the ascending doom feel!

May 28 2015 07:03:54
definitely somewhat Pagistic in spots.

Also a personal milestone. The first song ive done while laying on my bed lol. The sky is the limit now....

May 28 2015 07:00:42
cool guitar with a Page smell :)

May 28 2015 06:58:41
Oh yeah, obviously similar style to Kashmir, but also enough different to make ti something else. The rhythm is different for one thing. Mine changes chords on the downbeat only...whereas Zep changes on the upbeat as well. The cleaner guitar in the verse reminds me more of Bad Company style (same record label as Zep lol)

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