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This is a great template from Peter. I originally recorded with KMStar's bass add too but decided in the end to upload it directly against Peter's template so others can re-use the drums should they wish. I'll upload a remix against KMStar's add as that's only fair! Anyway, went for a sort of heavy, driving four-on-the-floor beat, smacking a floor tom a few times along the way, to back up the very solid guitar parts. I hope it's useful. Enjoy.


Savage! This is now a great rocker+1
Nice solid beat+1
good complement to drums, MP, reinforces the riff perfectly+1
Tracking perfect fit drops right in the pocket.D+0
good !!+0
Awesome addition. Sounds better than the drum loops I use. This will be great to get as many musicians on one jam possibly. Thanks M :)+0
Eh, eh, eh... listening to this blasting in my earphones lying in bed while on 100% legit AND prime quality drugs has been fun man !! Yup, i AM senile... :D+0

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