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Girard asked me to make a bassline for this amazing track by Ake and so i wanted to try a version - so - voilĂ  ;) I hope it works ;)


wow, awesome base for something great about you both ;)+1
Yes yes and YES! Thank you so much for doing this! What a kick ass crunchy sound! This fit like a glove. I will do this again tonight with this new perspective, and maybe it will be an improvement. This is perfect and exactly what I needed to hear.+1
May 29 2015 19:27:34
Basster Let me know if you have played your bassline - i am very interessted to hear how you made it ;) Btw - if you could hear the bass only you would notice that there are lots and lots of mistakes in the bassline. But with Ake`s track over it the often aren`t audible ;) +0
May 29 2015 19:41:54
Girard I'm going to do it tonight, at about midnight EST, i'll let you know +1
I must find this kind of bass tone... I will call the preset "Basster" for sure... Will still... This feel and playing:)
Bravo! What a track!
May 30 2015 14:49:31
Basster If you use guitar pro i could tell you wich ampsim i used for this ;) +0
Yea what's the go Baster? Need your secrets!! You seem to get the FATTEST bass sounds LOL..+1
May 30 2015 14:50:26
Basster I use a guitar pro ampsim and a compressor... ;) +0
Wow!!!What more to say:)+0
Great stuff man !!+0
hehe, noch ein dauerbrenner hier, cool one :)+0
cool bass tone :)+0
So Freakin' Killer !!!+0
What a cool bass line Basster! You always impress me my friend!+0

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