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Ok, I haven't broken out the acoustic lately, so it was about time. This is something I've messed with for a few years and while I can't place it, it reminds me of not one, but a few other tunes I've heard before. Must be the common chords many songs utilize. I can only hope it's original enough !!
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pop, rock


Very cool, I like it+1
May 29 2015 19:50:38
Psycho Thanks, I had to try something different :) +0
Acoustic is my first love. Glad you picked up your acoustic. I know you will find new inspiration in all your music because of it.+1
May 29 2015 20:49:15
Psycho Thanks Ac, I must admit it's because of the few here such as yourself that I grabbed it again. A long time ago I fell into that "the electric is easier to play" trap. A mistake indeed for those young players who might read this :) +1
Very nice Psy, so fine acoustic sound, lovely !! :-))+1
May 30 2015 00:43:43
Psycho Thanks again franky... hopefully this gets some takers :) +0
love it :)+1
May 30 2015 00:42:53
Psycho I really appreciate the listen abu :) +0
Nice job Bro!!:)+1
May 30 2015 00:42:22
Psycho Thanks ake, and another big thanks for guiding through the HD process. It sure benefits others who may want to remix in a true editing environment :) +0
Nice chord selection Psycho!!+1
May 30 2015 02:59:15
Psycho Thanks AusMusic !! +1

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