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Remix step #4 (playing)


mpointon472 jams Supporter
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Piper kindly furnished me with the original multitrack stems of her fantastic template so I could do this remix. My main reason was I wanted the excellent bass line to come forward in the mix of the template. It's such a blinder this template I felt it deserved a bit more effort. Marc's add finished it off beautifully. Tof's add arrived whilst I was still mixing so I've added him on and done a separate upload under his add for it.

I've barely changed anything from Piper's template, other than the piano part fades out as the deep bass comes in and there's a fade-out on the end. I've tightened up the drums in a couple of places and re-instated the fills I originally did in the quiet section (I cut them out in the original upload) as they seem to work OK now with Marc's add. Oh, and I added some handclaps in the quiet bit for the hell of it!

I'm no remix genius so any feedback welcome.



May 30 2015 08:09:48
AKchenAKchen supercool jam

May 30 2015 08:01:28
WadeWade Sounds good and clean to me...but what do I know!

May 29 2015 23:41:31
TofzegritTofzegrit Oh yeah this one is perfect

May 29 2015 23:17:22
R1772R1772 I wouldn´t say that this is sweet but this is great:-))Very funky and free,with impressive work by all contributors. A pleasure to listen.

May 29 2015 23:08:48
AcousticegAcousticeg Great mix!

May 29 2015 23:04:14
MarceysMarceys That's some impressive work you did there! Great remix, the handclap sounds very cool and the fade-out at the end is a good idea too... The ending was at a strange point.... Did i hear some other hi-hat input?
+1 May 29 2015 23:06:51 Marceysmpointon
Thanks Marc. I'm glad you like it. I've spent a good few hours on this. Partly so I can learn some more mixing techniques and because the track deserved it.

That electronic hi-hat was always there, it's just a bit more forward now.
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