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Ian did such a nice job with his solo over one of my tracks, I remixed it to exclude some high frequency and volume issues. A touch of EQ, but the core of the two tracks are unchanged. Tracks 41213 & 41244

Yes, I uploaded this, but Ian (Babbazitt) deserves the credit.
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rock, ballad


May 30 2015 06:31:34
Lenny Cowler
Psycho Thanks Lenny, I know this place isn't set up to give Ian a thumb for this one. But he should :) +1
nice stuff+2
May 30 2015 06:37:23
Psycho Thank you !! +0
Good mix...enjoyed+2
May 30 2015 12:06:56
Psycho Thanks, Ac... just couldn't see this go to waste. I wish I could give the thumb to Ian !! +0
May 30 2015 23:26:49
Babbazitt this mi9x means a lot more to me than a Thumb Psycho - thank you!! +1
May 31 2015 00:54:31
Psycho :) You're a special sort of person... Thanks, take care !! +1
yes, it is great & well done from you too :)+2
May 30 2015 12:08:36
Psycho Thank you Ak... might want to give Ian a thumb on his version too :) +0
Great Psycho :)+2
May 30 2015 12:10:43
Psycho Thanks Kei... I was torn as to how I'd make this work. I'm not into numbers, if there was a way to give Ian the kudos ?? +0
Fine mix Psy, it's rounder now. And of course, Babba have my thumb :-))+2
May 30 2015 16:54:33
Psycho Thanks franky, if anything it gave me more time at the mixer. Something I need to work on :) +1
Great !!!+2
May 30 2015 16:55:25
Psycho Thanks Ivax :) +1
super sound und gespielt!+2
May 30 2015 21:44:05
Psycho Thank you... I just talked to Ian and he has no problem with me doing this :) +1
toll :)+1
June 01 2015 00:43:33
Psycho Thank you abu... !! +0
absolut cool ;o)+0

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