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a nice acoustic track, slow, surreal and haunting is what I hear in my head with just this at the beginning...or use it and abuse it for your own pleasure. :) Just thought I would throw this out there. I had it in my recording program just sitting there.


Audacity, laptop &… Guitar friggin' Hero mic !?
You kidding right ? Just lovely..
Nice to share !!+1
Gorgeous! I can't wait to hear what this will, ultimately, become... it's already beautiful as it is, but I can hear some type of keys or syths being laid on this to make it pop even more.+1
For one who has had a long sing experience in a poliphonic choir this is a 11 x 2 sec. pure amazement for ears KB haha;) Yeah! Good experimental vocal loop!!+1
I should make this my ringtone :)+1
Like it!+1
something, we have all been waiting for.+1
Unusual, very impressing - and: a pleasure to listen. Good to have such a talented new member here:-))+1
Good skills ! keep it up.. :)+1
cool :)+1
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