Mean Steak For Tender Loins

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A neat little rock progression that's been in the works for a few weeks now. Bring it on my friends...
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Very nice putting that change at 1.20 similar to the beginning Psy.. a good work.. I like it.+3
May 30 2015 13:59:37
Psycho Thanks franz... as easy as this is, I never was happy with it until I added the intro, which changed the whole attitude of this thing :) +1
It must be time for Dinner!! I just read Mean Steak at first!! haha :)
This is cool Phsycho!!
May 30 2015 13:43:51
frankyguitar I also, but had breakfast now... lol +2
May 30 2015 13:44:44
AusMusic :D +1
May 30 2015 13:54:49
Psycho Thanks, hey, I like that title much better. I have an idea, I'm gunna change it :) +1
May 30 2015 13:57:38
frankyguitar :-)) LOL +0
Nope not listening to this before dinner.+2
August 20 2015 00:35:49
Psycho :) I haven't been the same since that day. Thanks Rel, I really appreciate the ear man !! +0
top notch Psycho :) Love the composition and production! Fat guitars - not mean at all ;)+1
May 30 2015 13:53:09
Psycho Thanks Paul, titles just pop in my head and I use 'em :) +0
Very nice, sounds great! Need some vocals.
Agree with franz
May 30 2015 13:57:10
Psycho Thanks Frankie, yes indeed, I hope one of our vocalist friends jumps on this :) +1
Well composed and played!+1
May 30 2015 16:43:40
Psycho Thanks KM, I actually sat down and worked on this instead of just winging it... :) +1
May 30 2015 17:53:14
KMstar My ADD wont let me do that lately, ;) +0
Very Good ! So clean
It is very open. Bravo Psy
May 30 2015 16:44:29
Psycho Thanks Tof, it's one of the few I've done that I like :) +0
Well done Psycho.. great playing... ;)+1
Wow, very good Psycho:)+1
May 30 2015 16:45:26
Lenny Cowler
Psycho Thanks Lenny, wanted to take a different approach. I think it worked :) +1
very cool tune+1
May 30 2015 16:46:05
Psycho Thank you Lairdy... it needs vocals :) +0

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