The Zombie Chronicles (Vol. 1 Lost Hope)

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This is an attempt at something different. I instead of adding on top of my soundtrack, pleased add to it after the track in small vignettes to create a movie soundtrack...anyone can add any type of small parts...and we can create Vol. 2, Vol 3 just has to be evil and horrific stuff...
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great !!+1
Great idea, I am curious to see how it's developing!+1
May 31 2015 17:10:39
rp3drums So far nothing. It may take a bit of salesmanship, but it could be a lot of fun if people just kept on adding little segments. +1
May 31 2015 19:32:12
TeeGee Great idea in any case! +1
May 31 2015 19:41:47
rp3drums thanks +0
Perfect song colleague:)+1
May 31 2015 17:16:40
Lenny Cowler
rp3drums Lenny maybe you can add a bit with that scary vocal. Check out the description. +1
I answered my phone and nobody was there? Great template !!+1
May 31 2015 17:15:19
rp3drums Please add a bit. Trying to make a soundtrack. +1
May 31 2015 18:32:56
Psycho I may try :) +1
March of the Zombies, Cool!+1
Yeesss! What a template! :) Playlisted!+1
Such a fantastic track :)+1
yes, different. I like it.+1
Oh yeah, this is amazing track rp, love it so much....:)+1
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