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June 03 2015 02:18:51
May my thoughts below express how deeply thankful and honored I feel to be listening to you this morning. BRAVO! :)
+1 June 03 2015 02:22:23 Marianne Marianne
Looking into her steel blue eyes his hands let go of the book he was reading. She drops to the floor, her raven black hair flying high, handing him his book back with a smile that will intoxicate him forever. The smile that will haunt him like the melody in his mind he heard last night in the famous Vienna State Opera. He knows instinctively that those 2 chances of meeting up with a Cello and Guitar recital of such magnificence also heralded this very moment of being with her, all alone, and only ever with her in the future.
Hi, you enjoy books? What's it about, she whispers, looking right through him, savoring the reaction she felt, an electric bolt from nowhere making itself known throughout her body, so tired of life, so bored with everyone around her...until she saw him, so very tall, his blond curls almost covering his eyes.
Reading classic poetry from the olden days, they don't write poems like that any more, he sighs, his eyes lost in her, totally lost, dying and returning back to heaven. He is home.
June 03 2015 03:23:37 Marianne jamlady
Goosebumps !!
June 03 2015 03:24:20 Marianne jamlady
impressive how well it fits the piece!
June 03 2015 05:41:03 Marianne Marianne
Thank you!
June 02 2015 15:21:09
liebe dein Cello :)
+1 June 03 2015 03:24:54 AKchen jamlady
vielen lieben Dank akchen
June 01 2015 18:41:00
+1 June 03 2015 03:25:23 jmrukkers jamlady
vielen Dank jmrukkers!
June 01 2015 13:43:56
so schön :)
+1 June 03 2015 03:26:02 OliVBee jamlady
un grand merci!
June 01 2015 07:57:43
brillianter add jamlady ;o)
+1 June 03 2015 03:26:44 Uloisius jamlady
herzlichen Dank!
June 01 2015 06:05:06
Lenny CowlerLenny Cowler
again beatiful Lady:)
+1 June 03 2015 03:27:22 Lenny Cowler jamlady
a heartfelt thank you
June 01 2015 01:44:47
Vielen, vielen Dank Lady. Ich denke, dass alle Musiker auf wikiloops kann sagen, dass Sie einer der besten Musiker hier in der Gegend sind. Qualität, Emotion und Geschick. Ich habe eine Menge Respekt für das, was Sie tun.
+1 June 01 2015 01:55:23 ROBJOL jamlady
thank you for ... I have to cry
June 01 2015 00:50:15
Pure musical magic !!! :) :) I would pay to see you two in concert !!
+1 June 01 2015 00:53:39 RobM jamlady
wow oh oh! many thanks RobM
June 01 2015 00:39:30
Priceless comment from Ake... I have also noticed folks getting better... just as this piece by you JL. What's after loops... stardom ??
+1 June 01 2015 00:51:34 Psycho jamlady
many thanks!
June 01 2015 00:27:31
Wundervoll, JL! Dein Cello verschmilzt regelrecht mit Robs Gitarre. Zauberhaft!
+1 June 01 2015 00:48:38 Liesching jamlady
vielen lieben Dank!

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