The Zombie Chronicles (Vol. 2)

United States
Drums, Keys & Sequencer:
rp3drums720 jams
United States
Psycho823 jams
ivax2552 jams
step III
United States
rp3drums720 jams
no additional instruments available so far
post your remix!
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Note: I have added a new 2nd part to this epic movie soundtrack...please feel free to add to this 2nd part, or add on an additional 3rd part...the idea is to build this into a collaboration soundtrack of up to 10 minutes long....Horror
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horror, movie, soundtrack, zombies


Cool rp3, I wanna play some more but I have to go to work... dang the bad luck :)+2
good tunning Rp:)+1
Interesting :)+1
Very nice rp :)+1
This is a real madness, dude, you're a genius, I like your idea+1
June 01 2015 16:15:28
rp3drums few times have I been called a genius, but I like it! Keep adding on, it sounds creepy as hell! +1
June 01 2015 16:17:24
ivax Heh, heh, in fact rp3, has been frightfully fun +1
Hahaha great!! I will be watching this one :D+1
This is rapidly becoming an epic! Superb idea, rp3!+1
June 02 2015 04:06:13
rp3drums thanks, room for drums too... +1
yes, awesome, so wow+1
I'll add something to this too. Can't pass up an invite to be horrifying.+0
June 01 2015 19:49:27
rp3drums please do, again add to the original content or feel free to add on an additional segment...just keep in mind at this point there are like 2 humans left in the world! +0
June 01 2015 19:50:35
Girard No problem, i'll get rid of the other one, then it will be just me left on Earth to upload an addition. There will be nobody left on Earth when i'm done because at the end i'm taking myself out lol. +2

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