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This drum pattern is very heavily based on Billy Cobham's fantastic '70s track 'Stratus' (most of you would know it if you heard it!).

Anyway, I can't play like Billy Cobham. But I like the groove and it is quite fill-heavy and there's a fair number of pushes and over-the-bar fills going on. Maybe I could argue it's my solo upload given all the recent drum solos going on around here! Sorry about the slightly odd structure. It seems I kept counting to 18 in my head! Anyway, structure is:

16 bars verse
4 bars chorus
16 bars verse
8 bars chorus
2 bars pre-verse (pushed)
16 bars verse
8 bars chorus
2 bars pre verse (pushed)
16 bars verse/outro

I hope some of you find a use for it. HD download has no reverb on it so please add if you use it.



July 18 2016 12:21:14
yeah!! great Martin :)

November 27 2015 23:10:09
yeah man !!!!!! tight stuff

June 11 2015 23:23:22
in the present view of these various musicians and different styles you've captured with this excellent track... a great job!

June 04 2015 07:24:57
Martin, congrats for your drumming ‼️ It is Great, that we have totally different songs that become from your fine drumwork here in! And the best is, I like both👍👍😀😀

June 03 2015 23:20:16
Drummin at its best, M! Great new pic too :)
+1 June 04 2015 02:11:51 Liesching mpointon
Thank you! I still have one of yours to work on but I'm still working out the rallentandos/ritardandos!
June 03 2015 21:37:58
How did this one get past me? Nice piece MP. :)

June 02 2015 13:19:12
very cool, very cool indeed!

June 02 2015 05:10:53
Lenny CowlerLenny Cowler

June 02 2015 01:44:25
Yeah Martin! Really tight and clean! I love the ghost notes on the snare. Really gives the track texture. Great work buddy!
+1 June 02 2015 01:51:36 wiseshanks mpointon
Thanks, wiseshanks! I'm genuinely proud of my ghost notes - one of my few advantages of being a left-hander playing right-handed! I use them too much though, I admit. Just need my right hand to be as expressive!
June 02 2015 02:56:20 wiseshanks wiseshanks
Do you have your kit setup right handed. I play on a right handed kit but I play hi-hat with my left hand and snare with my right. It's a curse but I've been able to drum ok so far...
June 02 2015 02:58:59 wiseshanks mpointon
I'm jealous - you play open-handed. Two of my favourite players, Simon Phillips and Carter Beauford play open-handed. I'm left-handed but play completely right-handed. So kit is set up right-handed and I play right-over-left. To an observer, I'm a right-handed player. Except I'm completely left-handed and left-footed!
June 02 2015 03:15:19 wiseshanks wiseshanks
I didn't know open handed was a thing. I just started playing that way and it stuck. I've tried right over left and it doesn't work.
June 02 2015 03:23:56 wiseshanks mpointon
Trust me when I say I'm jealous. It opens a whole new world of tom work whilst still on the hi-hat which I'm desperate to develop!
June 02 2015 00:14:41
Nice work man....very useable track..what's
the Bpm?

+1 June 02 2015 00:26:46 BigDaddyCee mpointon
88. It's done to a metronome so should be on the money. I hope!

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