Into The Night

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I write most of my songs at night... "hence the name" Inspired by ADM.
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You tell me?


very nice:)+1
very good! cool percussion at 00:07! How did you made this?+1
June 03 2015 05:48:12
Pit Brett
Acousticeg I sometimes use percussion shakers to help keep time. +1
Exquisite !! Really like the interplay between the 2 guitars, swapping between lead and rhythm. Really fantastic ! :)+1
Excellent play Ac... I know what you mean. It's peaceful at night :)+1
Night is the best muse for inspiration!
What a pity, I work at night:(
Fine work AC, gorgeous piece !!
Congrats man ;)
i like this tune ! very cute :)+1
instant LOVE!
deeply delicious
The Night loves you....and so do we.
this is awesome! great song!!!+1
This is amazingly beautiful. Masterfully played and very well recorded.+1
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