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This is the first multi-tracking upload I've done, some constructive feedback would be appreciated (I'm trying to get better at arranging multiple instruments cohesively)...I feel like the jam goes nowhere?...but wanted to see what the masses have to say....I laid down some acoustic guitar, little organ, some keys, and a few electric guitar patterns...tons of possibilities?


will be a good jam! I think great for vocals, drums, everything... tons of possibility! :)+2
nice PinkFloyd vibe. it mono? it sounds like everything is panned straight up the middle. That means everything is fighting to occupy the same space. It would be better (IMO) to have stuff panned out more for better separation. Sounds like maybe the piano is panned slightly left but then everything else is panned on top of each other.+2
nice :)+1
Cool work Blind-Dog!+1
You┬┤re definitely ready for mult tracks, BD! :)+1
so maybe the piano is stereo? I think maybe id pan the organ up the middle, piano left 30-50 maybe, then acoustic right 30-50, then space the other stuff out etc. Depends on what is mono, what is stereo etc+1
Really good song my friend! great writing and playing of the instruments! Keep doing what you are doing but I agree with JonJon about stereo placement and will admit I am bad about it too+1
This is excellent, BlindDog. JonJon makes a good point, though. I think a little more stereo imagery would make a big difference to the overall sound (I'm listening on headphones).

A good trick I learned with acoustic guitars is to track them and then pan one left and one right (not all the way, say 80% left and 80% right). Does mean you have to record twice, you can't really just duplicate the track. The natural chorus of two tracks played the same but with the natural human variation really makes for a big sound, to me, with acoustic guitars.

Great add though.
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