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Left lots of room for other solos between mine on this layback track, sax keys harp what ever, if you like it jump in.
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You tell me?


superb template to work from for non guitarists ... i agree that Holdsworth is an influence in your sound and playing but i mostly hear YOU : you have developed a touch of your own ! as a side note i shall add that the acoustic could sound better in this track ;)+2
June 04 2015 00:12:01
Acousticeg A friend mixed for me, I asked him for help because of my hearing loss. Maybe I should upload my own mix. Thanks for your honesty. +1
June 04 2015 00:58:34
Acousticeg Any tips on what you think would made the acoustic mix better. +1
June 04 2015 06:34:35
OliVBee very hard to say without the raw take to check on ... is it a mic take or a piezzo take ? +0
January 12 2016 06:33:03
Acousticeg I never answered you...I use both a mic and piezzo into the mixer. +1
January 12 2016 07:22:17
OliVBee cool ! from my point of view if you want to improve the acoustic sound don't use any piezzo ;) +2
Sweet backing! your solos sounds like Allan Holdsworth! Great legatolines :)+1
Another nice track A :)+1
Again you show us how excellent composer and player you are:)+1
A hundred thumbs. Killer guitar.+1
super sound! Like it!+1
You have a life of its own, perfect sound, and a subtle touch, I love it+1
excellent listen+1

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